WPFunnels Review – Is it the Best WP Funnel Builder?

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What is it? – WPFunnels is a canvas-based, drag and drop sales funnel builder for WordPress that anyone can use without any prior funnel-building experience.


  • Pre-designed funnel templates.
  • A visual funnel builder canvas.
  • Offers based on buyers’ actions.
  • Order bump, one-press upsell and downsell offers.
  • Gutenberg and Elementor support.


  • It needs some integration improvements, but this could be fixed soon.
  • More design ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Designing an effective sales funnel can be challenging if you don’t know where to start.

It takes hours to set up complex funnel templates using different plugins. And even then, they don’t always give you complete control over the entire sales flow.

With every single step of the funnel visualized, you’d be able to optimize for conversion rates and increase sales.

Introducing WPFunnels.

It helps you create, design, customize, and implement custom sales funnels for WooCommerce and WordPress websites.

Here’s everything we think you need to know about WPFunnels before deciding!

WPFunnels Benefits

Many new WP funnel builders appear every day, but WP Funnels stands apart from the rest because of its unique features.

  • You can use conditional funnels to increase sales by delivering different offer messages depending on which step someone has taken within your funnel.
  • Add an “order bump” button to your product pages so shoppers can easily buy multiple products without having to go through several steps.
  • Make sure to offer additional sales for higher-value items at the end of each order.
  • With WPFunnel’s visual canvas, you can easily create an entire sales funnel from start to finish by simply dragging elements into place.
  • There are tons of different funnel templates available for each type of business.
  • And since it integrates with both Gutenberg and Elementor, you can create custom checkout pages, offer pages, and landing pages from inside the WordPress dashboard using these tools.
  • With WPFunnel’s in-depth analytics, you get insight into everything from conversion rates to average order values.
  • You can view the results for each sale funnel stage, including the total number of visitors, conversions, and average purchase price.
  • You’ll get an idea of just how much you’re making off these types of promotions by seeing daily revenue breakdowns.
  • With this tool, you can create conditionally triggered global funnels to your WooCommerce shop so that you may offer special deals based on customer purchases.
  • Create funnels for personalized offers by triggering them when WooCommerce makes specific purchases. For example, create an offer if someone buys a particular item at a set price point.
  • You can add custom checkout fields for each customer, regardless of which channel they buy from you.

WPFunnels Features

Increase Sales Revenue with Attractive Order Bump Offers

Order bump offers are a great way to increase sales revenue by allowing customers to add additional items to their purchase at the checkout page.

They can tailor these offers to the customer’s needs, increasing their likelihood of purchase, and helping to maximize revenue.

Boost Your Revenue with One-click Upsell & Downsell Offers

One-click upsell and downsell offers provide an easy way to increase revenue after a customer has completed the checkout process.

This feature allows businesses to create attractive offers that are presented to customers to entice them to purchase more items or opt for upgraded versions of the items they have already bought.

This helps maximize sales revenue and ROI in a single click.

Optimized Pre-Built Funnel Templates

This feature allows users to quickly create sales funnels by using dozens of pre-built, conversion-optimized templates that are tailored to their specific niche.

This makes it easy for users to sell their products and services right away, without having to spend time and energy building a funnel from the ground up.

Conditional Step Control to Guide Buyer Journeys

This feature allows users to customize their buyers’ journey based on conditions such as cart total or offer acceptance/rejection.

This enables users to create a personalized experience for their buyers, which can lead to increased engagement and conversions.

Improve Funnel Performance with Detailed Funnel Analytics

Funnel analytics is a powerful tool that provides real-time insights into the performance of each of your funnels. It tracks the number of visitors, buyers, and conversions, so you can identify areas for improvement to increase sales.

With detailed reports, you can make more informed business decisions to maximize the success of your funnels.

Boost Revenue with Conditional Offers Through a Global Funnel

This feature allows you to easily create one checkout funnel for your WooCommerce store that can make conditional offers based on customer data like category, tag, or cart total.

This helps you boost sales revenue by providing customers with tailored offers that meet their needs and interests.

Seamless WooCommerce Integration

Allows users to easily and quickly integrate with WooCommerce and popular Learning Management System (LMS) plugins, enabling the assignment of offers to the correct products and the creation of a targeted sales funnel for increased conversion rates.

Leverage Lead Generation Funnels for Increased Conversion

Opt-in forms are an essential tool for any business that wants to increase their leads and conversions.

By creating lead generation funnels, businesses can easily capture and nurture leads, which can then be converted into paying customers.

By using opt-in forms to create a funnel, businesses can create a clear path to conversion and maximize their sales campaign potential.

WPFunnels allows users to easily design their funnels without leaving their WordPress dashboard, by integrating with Divi, Gutenberg, Elementor, and Oxygen Builder.

This allows users to take advantage of the popular page builders and their features, in order to create their desired funnel pages quickly and efficiently.

Exclusive CRM Integration for Targeted User Actions

This feature allows businesses to assign tags and lists to buyers based on their interactions with a sales funnel. This helps businesses better understand their customers’ behavior and allows them to create more targeted marketing campaigns to increase sales.

The customer data collected can be sent to CRM tools, allowing businesses to further customize their marketing efforts.

Automate Processes with Webhooks

Webhooks allow users to automate a variety of processes, such as sending data to Zapier and other automation tools, based on specific user actions taken in the funnel.

This feature is useful for streamlining processes, reducing manual labor, and creating a more efficient workflow.

WPFunnels Pricing

WP Funnels is a powerful funnel-building plugin that provides you with all the necessary tools to succeed without any additional fees.

It offers top-rated support and a 15-day money-back guarantee, ensuring that you get the most value for your money.

WP Funnels pricing plans are designed to cater to different types of users, ranging from large agencies and developers to freelancers and solopreneurs.

You get three different price points when signing up for WPFunnel’s service. Kindly note this might change with time, but we will try to update it whenever possible.

Small Plan

This plan includes one website license, and it works well for smaller companies or soloprenuers who don’t require multiple sites. You can choose to pay an annual fee of $97 for the Small plan.

It comes with a license for one site, support for various payment gateways, and is billed annually, offering priority support and updates for one year.

Medium Plan

This plan gives you a 5x site license for free. It’s great for users to run different websites and even better if they have multiple business units within their company. The yearly charge of the Medium Package is $147.

The Medium plan is priced at $147 per year and is suitable for developers and freelancers who offer funnel creation services.

It comes with a license for up to 5 sites, global funnels add-on, LMS funnels add-on, integrations add-on, and support for various payment gateways.

This plan is billed annually and offers priority support and updates for one year.

Large Plan

You receive a license for unlimited websites with the large plan. It’s ideal for agencies, funnel designers/marketers, developers, or any business owner who needs it to be set up into multiple sites at once. The annual price is $237.

It comes with a license for unlimited sites, global funnels add-on, LMS funnels add-on, integrations add-on, and support for various payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Mollie, Authorize.net, Square, Sumit, Payfast, Direct Bank Transfer, Check Payments & COD Support.

This plan is billed annually and offers priority support and updates for one year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Require Any Extensive Designing and Coding Knowledge to Use WPFunnels?

No. With WPFunnel’s pre-built funnels, you get access to lots of niche-specific funnel designs created by experts who know their stuff inside out. You can select a template and then edit its contents without worrying about the code and design. However, you do have the choice to create funnels from the start if you need them.

Why do you need funnels builder for WordPress?

Funnel builders for WordPress can be useful for creating custom sales or conversion paths on your WordPress site. These tools allow you to easily create and manage the various steps and pages in your funnel, giving you more control over the user experience and helping you to improve your conversion rates.

Do They Have a Roadmap?

Yes. Their roadmap shows which new features they’re currently developing and which ones people would most likely want them to develop next. If you ask for something else, tell them what you’re requesting. Here is the link: https://getwpfunnels.com/ideas/

What is WPFunnels?

It’s a WordPress add-on that lets you create sales funnels inside the WordPress dashboard. Funneling refers to a system where visitors go from page to page until they reach an endpoint (usually a purchase). The reason for that is to maintain focus on the item at hand vs. being disturbed by other stuff on a site.

What Makes WPFunnels Special From Other Funnel Builders?

With this platform, you can create any page, product, or funnel for your business without having to use another third-party tool. It removes any potential issues caused by third-party plugins because they’re all built into WordPress itself.

What Are Some WPFunnels Alternatives?

CartFlows and ClickFunnels

Who is it Best for?

For WooCommerce users, online marketers, and ecommerce websites looking to boost their revenues through funnels, it’s best if they use WPFunnels.

Who can use funnels builder and why?

Anyone with a WordPress site who wants to create custom sales or conversion paths can use a funnel builder. These tools can be useful for a wide range of businesses, including e-commerce stores, lead generation websites, and online course providers.

By using a funnel builder, you can create a more seamless and effective user experience, which can help to improve your conversion rates and ultimately generate more revenue for your business. Additionally, the analytics and optimization features offered by some funnel builders can help you to better understand your visitors and make data-driven decisions to improve your funnel.

Who is Behind WPFunnels?

They’re CODEREX, a group of over 20+ creatives who run WP Funnels. They’ve built some pretty cool websites and open source projects since 2012.


Combining unrelated tools into one system without any thought for their purpose is like mixing up various ingredients and hoping they come out tasting good.

With WPFunnels, you get everything you require to create beautiful sales funnels inside your WP dashboard.

Get ready for an exciting new era of funnels in WordPress! Boosting sales from the eCommerce site has never been easier.

We think it’s useful for everyone looking for an effective sales funnels tool. While WPFunnels may not entirely be at the level of CartFlows yet, they’re certainly heading there, and so, this software is worth checking out!

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