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Hey everyone, it’s Alston here with an in-depth review of the WOPE Rank Tracking software.

After acquiring their lifetime deal, I’ve spent some time exploring its features and wanted to share my experiences.

Project Space Setup

My journey with WOPE began with a personalized welcome screen, which interestingly offered a recent release update.

I was prompted to select my company size and role, and I chose the SEO role. The choice between a light and dark mode was a nice touch, and I opted for the dark mode, which looks quite sleek.

I set up a workspace for my blog, Digital Marketing Mind, and although I encountered an issue with the back button not working initially, the transition to a 14-day trial and then activating the lifetime deal was seamless.

Rank Tracking Project Setup

Setting up the rank tracking project was intuitive.

Upon entering my website URL, the tool impressively auto-detected my location, likely based on my site’s language tags.

The process of adding competitors and selecting keywords was insightful. I was given a mix of manual and AI-suggested options for adding competitors, including both relevant and some irrelevant suggestions like Cloudflare and Neil Patel.

I also explored both AI-suggested keywords and manually selecting from a list of 1,500 unique keywords.


The tool provided a wealth of data. It was quick and swift in processing keyword searches and displayed a mix of advanced functionalities and beginner-friendly features.

The AI suggestions for keywords and the manual import options (like Excel, CSV, Google Sheets) were particularly useful.

The interface was fast, smooth, and responsive, displaying keyword rankings for both desktop and mobile without any delays or freezing.

The overall performance was impressive. It took about 5 minutes for the initial data processing of 20 keywords, and I received an email notification when the project went live.

The software offered various options to filter keywords by tag, view data for mobile/desktop, and access different metrics, making the analysis process flexible and comprehensive.

Pros & Cons


  • Very fast and sleek interface.
  • Offers both dark mode and light mode.
  • Mobile and desktop modes available everywhere.
  • Excellent auto-detection of site name, target location, and keywords.
  • Multiple methods for importing keywords.
  • Easy to view ranking position, pixel, and more.
  • Impressive data display on Volume Trends.
  • The Competitor comparison feature is effective.


  • Although there’s an overall explanation for each screen, many elements lack detailed explanations. Perhaps adding small videos for each screen would help.
  • Including images in the wiki for different sections of the tool would be beneficial.
  • There seems to be no discernible difference between Market Competitors and Daily Comparison, as they show the same data.
  • The community invite link is broken in the site menu.


WOPE Rank Tracking seems to be a robust tool with a blend of advanced and beginner-friendly features.

Its performance, especially in keyword search swiftness and data presentation, is noteworthy. However, it would benefit from more comprehensive guides and a clearer distinction between different data screens.

I plan to continue using it for another week, comparing its features with other rank tracking tools like Semrush and Nozzle, to gather more data and provide a more rounded judgement.

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