SEO ROI Calculator

Calculate the return on investment (ROI) from your SEO efforts using this tool. Enter the revenue generated from SEO and the cost associated with it.

What is SEO ROI?

SEO ROI (Return on Investment) measures the profitability of investments in Search Engine Optimization. It shows how much revenue is generated from SEO efforts compared to the costs incurred. This metric helps businesses understand the effectiveness of their SEO strategies and make informed decisions on future investments.

By calculating SEO ROI, business owners can determine whether their SEO activities are delivering returns and helping their business grow.

What is this SEO ROI Calculator?

SEO ROI calculator is a online web tool designed to calculate the return on investment from SEO activities.

By inputting the revenue generated from SEO and the costs associated with these efforts, the calculator quickly computes the ROI percentage.

How is SEO ROI Calculated?

How is SEO ROI Calculated
  • Revenue from SEO: The total revenue generated as a result of SEO efforts. This includes all sales or leads attributed to SEO activities.
  • Cost of SEO: The total cost incurred for SEO activities, including agency fees, tools, content creation, and internal resources.
  • The difference between the revenue and cost is divided by the cost, and then multiplied by 100 to get the ROI percentage.

SEO ROI Calculator Explained with Example

Let’s consider an example to show how an SEO ROI calculator works:

  • Revenue from SEO: Suppose your business generated $20,000 in revenue from SEO-driven traffic.
  • Cost of SEO: Your total SEO expenses for the period were $5,000.

Using the formula

SEO ROI=($20,000−$5,000$5,000)×100=300%\text{SEO ROI} = \left( \frac{\$20,000 – \$5,000}{\$5,000} \right) \times 100 = 300\%SEO ROI=($5,000$20,000−$5,000​)×100=300%

This result means that for every dollar spent on SEO, you gained $3 in revenue.

A 300% ROI indicates a highly profitable SEO investment.


The SEO ROI calculator is an simple tool for any business investing in search engine optimization and it will let you know whether your SEO is profitable or not.

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