Free Software For Your Business

I am a coder, and I have created several mini-apps that I believe will help you in carrying out processes related to marketing for businesses or operating business tasks. These software are linked below, and you can use them for free.

Check out the best free tools I have created for you:

Text Case Converter

Convert case automatically to lower, upper, title and sentence case

Convert Column to Comma Separated List

Convert data from column to comma and vise versa

Conversion Rate (%) Calculator

Calculate the conversion percentage from total and number of conversions.

SEO ROI Calculator

Calculator your SEO return on investment

SEO Keyword Density Checker

Calculate 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 word keyword density for a given text.

Words, Characters, Sentence & Paragraph Counter

Count words, character, sentence, paragraph & estimated read time

Spintax Generator

Convert your list of keywords and words to spintax