Word Combiner

The above tool is a Word Combiner that allows users to input keywords in a full width input box and select a separator to use between the words when combining them.

The tool has several features that are designed to make it easy to use and understand.

  • The tool has an input box where users can type their keywords, one per line. This allows the user to easily separate their keywords and see them clearly in the input box.
  • The tool has a dropdown menu with several options for the separator between words. The options include “No separator”, “Space”, “+”, “,”, and “Custom”. If the user selects “Custom” they can enter their own separator in a separate input box.
  • The tool has a “Combine” button which when clicked, combines all the keywords in the input box with the selected separator. It also shows the total number of lines generated in the output textbox.
  • The tool has an output textbox which shows all the possible combinations of the keywords entered by the user. The output textbox is read-only, so users cannot accidentally modify the contents.
  • The tool has a “Copy to clipboard” button which allows the user to quickly copy the contents of the output textbox to the system clipboard for easy pasting.