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There are a lot of project management tools in the market. So, let’s learn if Infinity is an option worth considering?

In this article, we will look at the Start Infinity Review.

Infinity is a collaborative project management software and customization database app that allows you to view, manage, & collaborate data simultaneously with your team.

There are many functions for you to manage your data in Infinity project manager, such as tables, columns (Kanban board), calendars, Gantt charts, forms, and lists.

Using the above functions, you can create unlimited tasks representing any use case such as Event Management, Sales, Project Management, To-do, Content Calendar, and more.

Your imagination and your need are the keys because you can create pretty much any customizable project management system or database app from it.

Infinity Project Management Features

Workspace & projects

You can use workspaces and projects to group your data, and then you can create tasks to represent any use case.

It will be helpful when you want to manage many projects simultaneously; you have to group the related data and separate them from each other. (Like different brands or companies)

For example, you can create a project for every department, each department project has different projects, and each project has tasks for each specific use case.

Built-in templates

You don’t necessarily start from scratch; instead, you can select pre-defined templates from various industries or use-cases and customize them to suit your need.

For example, you can select event management, sales, or project team from a pre-defined template then use it to customize & manage the data.

It will quickly give inspirations and help you get started quickly.

Input types

Infinity offers many input types to manage your data effectively since you have to use various data types in your workspaces.

Using these attribute types helps you categorize and group the data, and you can understand the big data into logical components for easier understanding and filtering.


A date input is a type of attribute that allows you to enter a date.


A label (Select) input is a type of attribute that allows you to enter a list of values


A checkbox is a type of input that allows you to check or uncheck (True or False).


The text input is a type of attribute that allows you to enter text with a limited number of characters, up to the maximum specified.

Long Text

The long text input is a type of attribute that allows you to enter text with big characters limit.


A checklist input is a type of attribute that allows you to create a mini checklist (Tasks list) within a row.

The hyperlink input is a type of attribute that allows you to enter a hyperlink to a website or web page


The attachments input is a type of attribute that allows you to upload attachment files.


A number input allows you to enter numeric values.


The reference input is a type of attribute that allows you to enter & link a reference.


The “Members” attribute allows you to attach different team members to your boards.


This attribute will help you follow how your tasks and projects are progressing.


This attribute easily allows you to rate or rank your items in a visual and eye-catching way.

Email & phone

Email & phone input is a type of attribute that allows you to enter an email address & phone


Formulas allow you to make simple and advanced calculations between different attributes within the same item in your folders.

There are 11 types of formulas in Infinity that you can use such as Date, Financial, Math, Operator, Engineering, Text, Statistical, Logical, Array, Lookup & more.

Created at and created by

This attribute shows who from your team created a specific item.

Updated at

This attribute shows who from your team updated a specific item.


This attribute allows you to upvote new ideas & features. It will show a clickable rating field

Folders & views

Folders in Infinity task management are used to manage different data which is part of the same project but other data sets.

E.g., A PMS project can have different folders such as projects, CRM, team, accounting, etc.

Views are used to organize, filter, and view the data you want to see in your folders in unique functions such as tables, columns (Kanban board), calendars, Gantt charts, forms, and lists.

All these data as one source, but you can organize and manage separately while maintaining your organizational structure.

It helps you work better and faster when you use these features to create your customized environment, making you more productive in the long run and easy for your team members.

Search, filter, group, sort & customize

Within Infinity, use can use search to find your data more easily and quickly within the board.

Filtering is powerful because you can filter your board according to different input data or attribute types.

It will help to see only the data you want and reduce the amount of information you have to see every time you view your board.

The group helps you group the data based on specific attributes, and it will display your data in groups based on your attribute choice.

The sort will help you sort the data based on your criteria, and this will help to see the data in ascending or descending based on your column.

Customize feature will hide different columns on boards according to your preference.

Workflow integration

Infinity also integrates with ZapierIntegrately & Pabbly Connect, and you can use this to create workflows and share your data with other applications.

Sharing & collaborations

Infinity is very good for collaborations because you can control who can see what kinds of data and limit access to the data with permissions.

You can also share data by direct links or embedding, which allows your audience to view and interact with it.

You can create forms, collect data from your audience via form submissions, and add it to the table.

Desktop & mobile apps.

Infinity is not just available in the web app but also desktop and mobile apps.

Desktop app work on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems (I am using Linux).

The mobile apps work on iOS & Android.

Infinity Pros & Cons


Nice UI and interface

Infinity’s UI is good because it has an excellent clean interface. The Infinity UI is straightforward to use and nicely designed based on user experience.

It’s is also colorful, which makes the data stand out.

Lot of input types

The Infinity platform has a lot of attribute types that help users organize data when logically necessary.


The formulas field type is very advanced because it can automatically update data based on different conditions & calculations.

Useful views

Views are great because they show the same information differently, which makes them valuable to each user.

Currently, it supports columns, tables, calendars, Gantt Chart, forms, and lists.

Easy sharing and collaborations

You can easily share data and collaborate with your teammates by using the permissions system or share publicly with everyone and collect data.

Lot of templates

It comes with a lot of templates which makes it easy to get started as fast as possible.

You can use this to get inspiration and ideas when creating your customizable projects management or database.

It will also come with demo content, so you’ll know what data will look like in that template.

Help/videos/community & blog

There are many official resources to learn about Infinity because the team is really helpful and much more active than most MVP products.

You can find detailed tutorials on Youtube or the official documentation or through weekly webinars.

There is also a step-by-step manual with instructions and explanations on using the SaaS.

There is also a forum or official Facebook group where buyers can ask any question about Infinity or others share their opinion and help each other.


Higher LTD price

Based on the project apps lifetime deal market, it has a higher price point. For example, you can see other lifetime deal prices for other SaaS here at

Indeed, we can’t directly compare pricing since each has a different feature set, but I just wanted to point it out too.

However, their monthly pricing is affordable, so you can check out if you are hesitant with a big upfront investment.

Slow speed & performance

Usually, I wouldn’t have noticed it, but I am a user of Airtable, where everything fast and instant.

When I was using Infinity, I felt that speed is sometimes slow and mainly if the table contains many data or many multimedia resources.

It’s not crazy slow or unusable, but there is a 1-3 seconds delay, especially with big data sets that are noticeable, and it can be frustrating.

It doesn’t happen every time, but it is a concern and can inconvenience productivity.

So I would personally love to get rid of this lagging.

No apps, automation, and charts

Apart from filtering and sorting, there is no other automation, charts, or more advanced features.

Like in Airtable, you get better control and interactive way to see and manage data.

I also missed charts to provide an overall view/summary of data.

For example, I would love to summarize the data in a pie chart collected from a form.

Mobile apps can be improved

Infinity has mobile apps in Google Play Store and IOS, but its ratings are generally negative.

So I would love to see the mobile app improved because the mobile app is essential to staying connected, syncing data, and have access to data anytime.

Start Infinity Alternatives

These comparisons are based on my personal opinions and might not be the same for you.

This is not a complete comparison, but I thought to share what I used in the past that is similar and the difference in features and experience.

Infinity vs. Airtable

We all know that Airtable is a spreadsheet-database hybrid, with the features of a database but applied to a spreadsheet.

It is very similar to Infinity because it allows you to build your custom-designed database using the components too.

For me, Airtable is superior because it is very fast and has a lot of automation apps.

For me, I was able to feel the speed differences between both apps.

Airtable was fast and instant, where Infinity had a couple of seconds delay when working with large data set.

I also felt Infinity is better when compared with attributes they support.

For example, Links with thumbnail preview, checklist, progress, rating, and more.

Where Airtable does not this many attribute types to provide a better user experience.

Check out Airtable

Infinity vs Trello

Trello is a simple online task management software that you can use to manage your projects, create boards & share.

There know for Kanban-style, which is more powerful because it allows you to see your task in the same way you see it on an actual board (Column style).

If you are only interested in that, Trello is an excellent option for speed and a generous free plan.

However, in Infinity, the Kanban board is just one of its features, and it offers that and a lot more for a better user experience and value for the money.

So if you like to test new features and want to try the full board experience/power/value, then I would recommend you try Infinity for its unique features and see if it is a good fit for you compared to the other alternatives.

Check out Trello

Infinity vs. ClickUp

ClickUp is an all-in-one project management platform that eliminates the need to use more than one tool for your organization’s workflow.

ClickUp is the best solution in this workspace because it offers many features, capabilities, fluidity, and stability.

They have mastered all the features that a PMS app should have and offers many actionable features.

When I compared it with Infinity, I found speed better in ClickUp, and I also felt the minimalist design of Clickup much more likable.

Also, ClickUp offers a lot more features than Infinity but in exchange for a high price tag.

But if you are looking for an alternative, then Infinity is the best choice for you to consider given its features, simplicity, and price (Limited deal).

Check out ClickUP

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Infinity?

Infinity is a project management tool that helps you plan, collaborate, and execute your projects. It provides users with everything from dividing tasks into projects to workspaces. Infinity has various features: filters, boards & lists, mobile apps, forms & checklists that make it easy to manage your daily tasks.

Is there a lifetime deal for Infinity?

Yes. There is a lifetime deal for Infinity. You can check the pricing details here.

Who are the typical users of Infinity?

There are many different types of people that use Infinity. Student, entrepreneur, freelancer & business.

Where can I find infinity software coupons?

There is no additional extra coupon, and you can visit their special pricing page to see the best deal they have.

Are there formulas in Infinity?

Yes, Infinity offers a lot of different types of formulas, such as logical to math.

What data can I store on Infinity?

You can store any data for your various work projects in the cloud using Infinity.

Are there mobile apps for Infinity?

In short, yes, there are mobile apps for Infinity but still, seeing from the average reviews and rating, it needs to be improved.

What integrations are available for Infinity?

Infinity has integrations with many popular apps such as Zapier, Clockify, Trello & Integrately.

Is there are a roadmap for Infinity?

Yes. They have a roadmap here.


Infinity is a growing solution that adds new features, capabilities, and improvements continuously.

It is truly a good tool for productivity and collaboration to manage your various projects.

I would also love to see the mobile apps improved and speed issues fixed because this is an important aspect to stay connected with your projects.

I hope my review was helpful. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, comment below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading this review, and don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on other social media networks if you like what I do.

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