Melon Live Streaming App Review – Restream & StreamYard Alternative

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Let's test Melon app streaming live review with a group of friends. Is it a good alternative compared to restream & streamyard?

What is it? – Melon is a free live streaming app used by top creators, podcasters, churches & more. Multistream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch & LinkedIn with ease.


  • You can stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn and custom RTMP sources with ease.
  • You can record your stream and download it for later use.
  • You can engage with your audience using chat, comments, reactions and banners.
  • You can invite guests and co-hosts to join your stream.
  • You can customize your stream with logos, overlays, backgrounds and themes


  • You need a stable internet connection to use Melon.
  • You may encounter some bugs or glitches as Melon is still in beta.
  • You need to upgrade to Melon PRO to access some advanced features such as HD quality, unlimited streaming time, custom branding and more

Activate FREE FOREVER plan for melon app, for UNLMITED USE.

  • Are you looking for an app that allows you to stream live content from your favorite artists and creators?
  • Are you struggling to find an app that has a reliable and secure connection?
  • Are you tired of the same old streaming services with limited options?

If so, then the Melon App is the perfect solution for you! It offers high-quality live streaming services, with a secure and reliable connection so that you can always stay connected to your favorite artists and creators.

With its user-friendly interface, you can easily find the content you’re looking for and enjoy a seamless streaming experience.

Read on to learn more about the Melon App review below

In the below video, we will test the Melon app in live streaming with a group of friends. The goal is to see how it is a good alternative compared to restream and streamyard.

The melon app helps you go live on Facebook, live on twitch, stream on youtube, and multiple social platforms parallelly without any technical knowledge.

It contains many features such as overlays for streaming, multi-stream, green screen, share screen,

I also want to thank Ragu, Unais, Sam, Agni, Jorge & Venky for joining the stream to test Melon app during live.

Let’s see if it’s an excellent live streaming app and melon streaming app review.

Streamlabs Talk Studio Review - Restream & Streamyard Alternative
  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:29 melon app review
  • 00:49 Joining the event as a guest
  • 01:28 Sam’s melon app feedback
  • 02:54 Mobile guest join demo 1 (echo)
  • 05:30 Feature suggestion 1: Unable to see the name from Facebook groups and profile
  • 06:34 Mobile guest join demo 2 (Worked perfectly from chrome)
  • 07:31 What happens if the organizer is stream disconnected?
  • 09:12 Sound quality on a mobile
  • 09:31 Rotate screen on a mobile app
  • 10:45 Social comments read and reply
  • 11:21 Ragu’s melon app feedback
  • 12:21 Bug 1: Video freeze
  • 13:56 Why I prefer social media streaming with one click studio
  • 15:41 melon app walkthrough
  • 15:58 melon app backend during live
  • 16:17 Invite guests
  • 16:31 Share the stream & copy stream link
  • 17:15 Participants name, video, audio controls & on-screen controls
  • 21:10 Screen and video layout designs
  • 21:40 Featuring a participant video
  • 22:31 Timer, view count, account settings & keyboard shortcuts
  • 22:55 Bug 2: Video freeze
  • 25:55 Streaming profiles, workspace, and brands
  • 27:16 Feature suggestion 2: Hide option for a chat in mobile
  • 28:31 melon app design, themes, logo, and overlay
  • 31:45 melon app banner and ticker on live
  • 34:38 melon app intro video, outro video, and green screen
  • 37:21 melon app advanced settings
  • 37:37 Orgnainizer name change and avatar
  • 39:30 Green screen feedback from Jorge (SaaS Master)
  • 41:25 Feature suggestion 3: Popup notification for guests joining
  • 42:50 melon app alerts, tip goal, and social share
  • 44:04 Bug 3: Audio announcement feature not working
  • 44:54 Alston’s melon app feedback
  • 46:22 Feature suggestion 3: Dark mode
  • 47:16 Feature suggestion 4: Pairing events
  • 49:00 Social chat, comments, replying & private chat
  • 50:34 Audio settings, video settings, share, hide chat, schedule
  • 52:57 Recording and End stream
  • 53:30 Agni’s melon app feedback
  • 55:10 How to start the stream, destinations, event title, and description?
  • 57:07 Streaming destinations limitations
  • 57:17 Jorge (SaaS Master)’s melon app feedback
  • 58:56 melon app resource usage (windows, old mac, and new mac)
  • 01:03:11 Venky’s melon app feedback
  • 01:04:56 Event Conclusion

Melon App Features

Easy Live Streaming: Stream with Ease

This feature makes it possible to quickly and easily broadcast live streaming events, eliminating the need for complicated setup and installation.

Guests can join with no registration or sign-up required, providing a streamlined and hassle-free experience.

Multistreaming: Stream to Multiple Platforms Simultaneously

Multistreaming allows content creators to reach and engage with a wider audience by streaming their content simultaneously on multiple platforms.

This feature supports popular streaming services such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and LinkedIn, as well as custom RTMP platforms.

Cloud-Based Broadcasting: Low Latency and High Performance

Cloud-based broadcasting provides an ultra-responsive streaming experience by offloading the processing of the video and audio to the cloud, so your computer’s performance remains unaffected and the stream is delivered with minimal latency.

Enhance Your Live Streams: Personalization Explanation

With Personalized Live Shows, streamers can customize their live shows with their logo, headers, and custom backgrounds, all while streaming in full HD (1080p). This feature allows streamers to have full control over their stream’s appearance, making them more engaging and professional for their viewers.

Real-time Audience Engagement: Interact Instantly with Your Viewers

This feature is useful for streamers and content creators, as it allows them to easily communicate and engage with their viewers, both publicly in stream chat, and privately through direct messages.

This feature also allows streamers to view stream chat from all platforms, allowing for easy engagement with their community.

Screen Sharing: An Easy Way to Share Visuals with an Audience

Screen sharing allows presenters to easily share visuals with an audience by broadcasting their entire screen, specific applications, or tabs in their browser.

It also allows audience members to share their screens as well, creating a more interactive environment.

Stream Scheduling: A Timely Solution for Live Streamers

Stream Scheduling allows live streamers to plan ahead and give their viewers advance notice of when their content will be broadcast.

This feature also allows streamers to coordinate with guests ahead of time, ensuring better attendance and a more enjoyable streaming experience for all involved.

Recording and Editing: Allows You to Create Professional-Quality Video Content

Recording and editing features allow users to create high-quality video content for streaming on platforms such as YouTube or for other sharing services.

With the ability to record and stream simultaneously, users can quickly access their video files and make any desired edits, ensuring the content is polished and ready for distribution.

Local Recording: Record High-Quality Shows Offline

This feature allows users to record high-quality shows without needing to be connected to the internet, giving them the freedom to record without worrying about their connection.

Additionally, Melon automatically uploads the recorded video tracks to the user’s account after the show, making editing and releasing the video much easier.

All-in-One Streaming: Comprehensive Content Creation Platform

Melon is a comprehensive content creation platform that enables users to easily create and distribute their video content.

Whether they are streaming their content live or recording it to upload later, Melon provides all the necessary tools to create professional quality video content.

This feature is particularly useful for podcasters, vloggers, churches, teachers, and any other content creators as it provides a one-stop solution to creating, editing and distributing their content.

Melon App FAQ

How many clicks does it take to go live on Melon?

It only takes 5 clicks to go live on Melon without any complicated setup or installation.

Can guests join a live stream without making an account?

Yes, guests can join with a single click without making an account.

Which platforms can you stream simultaneously on with Melon?

You can stream simultaneously on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn, and more with Melon. Custom RTMP is also supported.

What benefits does cloud-based processing offer for broadcasting?

Cloud-based processing offers minimal latency, low CPU usage, and blazing fast response time that preserves your computer’s performance.

Who is Melon perfect for?

Melon is perfect for podcasters, vloggers, churches, teachers, and anyone else who creates video content, whether they stream live or record productions to upload later.


In conclusion, Melon offers the easiest, quickest way to going live on the platforms that count.

Furthermore, cloud-based processing results in minimal latency, low CPU usage, and excellent response time.

Melon is suitable for all levels of content creators and is widely used by podcasters, vloggers, churches, and teachers.

If you are looking for a fast, easy platform to broadcast your content, Melon is the perfect option for you.

Start streaming today and take your content to the next level!

I hope this Melon app review is useful to you.

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