Kerjamail Review – Email Hosting, FAQ, Alternatives & Walkthrough

What is Kerjamail?

Kerjamail secure & ad-free email hosting lifetime deal and review. Frequently asked questions on LTD & email hosting, email hosting deal pros & cons, and walkthrough & overview of Kerjamail email hosting.

Kerjamail Updated Video

Kerjamail Video

  • 00:00​ Introduction
  • 01:12​ Why You Might Need Separate Email Hosting?
  • 05:20​ Email Hosting Industry Background & Competitors
  • 07:21​ Email Hosting Lifetime Deal Alternative
  • 08:24​ Email Hosting Free Alternatives
  • 10:23​ Email Hosting Budget Alternatives
  • 11:15​ Email Hosting Premium Alternatives
  • 12:04​ Email Hosting Alternatives Conclusion
  • 12:31​ Can You Send Unlimited Emails With Kerjamail?
  • 13:09​ Can You Use Kerjamail For Cold Emailing or Bulk?
  • 14:18​ Best Solution For Cold Emailing?
  • 14:29​ Is There Additional Discount Code for Kerjamail?
  • 15:17​ Is The Kirim.Email Credits Are Recurring?
  • 16:01​ Can We Upgrade LTD Once Finished?
  • 16:33​ Can We Use POP3 and IMAP with Kerjamail?
  • 16:51​ What Is The Server Location Kerjamail?
  • 16:58​ Can We Have Dedicated IP for Kerjamail?
  • 17:36​ What Happens When You Reach Storage Limits on Kerjamail?
  • 17:57​ Kerjamail Lifetime Deal Highlights
  • 20:06​ Kerjamail Walkthrough & Dashboard Overview
  • 22:00​ Conclusion & Thank You


Easy Broadcast

Write your emails normally, and they’ll be in the inboxes of the team members in no time.

Internal Tracking

Look at it like an email marketing campaign for internal communication for your team.

For All Businesses

No matter how large or small your team is, every one with the same domain name as you will receive your information.

Email Privacy & Security

They provide 2FA protection, backups, and a fully protected email environment. Keep your business professional with – Sending free email like,, etc., does not reflect well on your business. So, stop using free email like that.

Kerjamail Simple Control Panel

Your email can be used as a primary communication tool for your business. You can add, remove, set up, or change email credentials quickly from the control panel.

Works With Any Email Client

Kerjamail works with any email application you have installed already. You do not have to install a different app if it is already on your mobile phone from the second you get it.

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