Howuku Review – Heatmaps with Recording, AB Testing & Feedback

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What is Howuku?

It’s a set of tools that helps increase conversion rates on the website. With this, you can use heatmap tracking, advanced visitor session recording, and more as an alternative to hotjar and crazyegg.

However, this field is getting competitive, so there other solutions too, such as Microsoft clarity (free), Yandex Metrics (free) & 66 Analytics (Paid self-hosted but unlimited).

To differentiate, the founder tried to create his version without any white-labeling and included a reliable user back alternative.


Feedback widget

This helps you collect feedback from visitors, including screen, video, and general feedback with emoji and anonymous or email support.

Survey widget

Helps you collect survey answers, multiple selections answers, short answer, long answer, and collect emails.


To see the web page’s heatmap with most clicks, browse, etc. for all the devices.

Visitor session recording

Show exactly all the lead background info and record everything the user does on the website.

Event tracking

You track and measure how much an event or action is getting performed on the webpage.

AB Testing

You can test any element style, design, color, change image, or more to see how it impacts conversion rates. (This module is advanced)


Where you personalize the webpage and elements inside it according to the UTM parameters.


Not advanced but gives full analytics like an alternative to Google, which shows your visitors’ stats.

Funnel testing

Not an advanced feature, but we can measure the conversion rate for any possible funnel created web pages flow and more.


  • I am still experiencing some bugs on Survey Widget & Values.
  • There free alternatives for heatmap & recording such as Microsoft clarity, Yandex Metrics & 66analytics (Self-hosted)


Overall it contains useful tools that help you understand your audience, measure their action, and split test & optimize any elements within any website.

Still, it’s not an essential SaaS or deal since most can use free alternatives, which, even though it does not offer all the functionalities of this SaaS but will suffice most of you.

My favorite features were the feedback widget since it was a great alternative who missed userback, visitor session recording to see what visitors are doing (It’s fun) & AB testing to test and change any elements within a webpage.

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