Meta AI’s Llama 3 Tutorial – Generate Text & Images with Animation

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Meta AI

In this guide, we are going to take a look into Meta AI, which is a chatbot with llama 3.0.

I’m going to give you a full introduction on that, use cases, model details, comparison, and finally, I’m going to show you how you can use it for free.

Okay, let’s go into the Meta AI tutorial.

What is Meta AI’s Llama 3?

Meta is the parent company of WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook, and Mark Zuckerberg is CEO and founder, and he did announce about Meta AI, and LLaMA 3.

Even if you haven’t heard about it, if you are already using some of these apps, you would have noticed some AI functionalities within this app.

AI in Meta Apps

Everything is related to this because Meta, AI just announced LLaMA 3, which, according to them, is their most capable large language model.

Meta AI is currently like a direct competitor to ChatGPT, Chat style window because it is available on a similar interface which you can go out and start using it for free.

It is compared with something like Gemini or Microsoft Copilot, and this is a model of meta coming into the market right now.

Anyone can use LLaMA 3 currently for free, and if you have a Facebook account, it will save your history and retain your history so you can go back to your chat.

Still one important point that it’s not available on all the countries.

So if you are seeing some messages that you are unable to access the chat or the Meta AI, all you need to use is simple VPN, it will give you access to that.

Meta also mentions that it is going to keep on rolling out more support for more countries very soon.

You might see the support, access directly to the Meta AI very soon on your end as well.

Meta AI Usecases

Now let us take a look into the use cases of Meta AI.

According to the Meta AI LLaMA 3 model, these are the use cases which they are mentioning.

For example, asking for advice, brainstorming, classification, closed question answering, coding, creative writing, extraction, inhabiting a character or persona, open question answering, reasoning, rewriting, summarization.

So it is almost like a basic explanation of all other AI model chat options available for you.

You can simply write and generate text like ChatGPT, Gemini, Cloud, Microsoft Pro, private with this.

You can ask any text questions and it will answer this as for you.

One more cool thing with Meta AI is that it is unique feature also.

It can generate image because it’s like ChatGPT, so it can generate an image.

But the cool thing is you can animate those images.

It’s not deep animation or very complex animation in nature.

It is just a simple one to two frame moving.

But still in a AI space, it is a unique features offered, especially for free.

You don’t need to have a pro account or anything like that.

You can write, generate text, and you can generate images, edit images, and also animate those images as well.

Also, you will see this not just through a chat window, as I mentioned, you will see these AI functionalities throughout the Meta apps for you.

It will be available maybe via feed, chat, when you are searching for something or accessing various features within these apps.

Llama3 can also have access to the internet so llama3 will automatically search the web and give you information based on that as well.

Llama 3 Database & Model Details

Okay, now let me give you some model details for you because llama 3 comes in two different size.

Llama 3 model and database

One is 8B and another one is 70B.

70B is the most recent one and what they are saying is the most capable one.

If we see the model release date, it is April 18, 2024.

This is the comparison between the both of this model.

One takes 8B parameter, another one takes 70B parameters.

If you see the context length is 8k, which means it will be able to understand 8 character or token when replying to your query.

So you can put up to that amount of context length, still a bit limited to the other models available on the market, but still it is a big size for LLaMA currently right now.

Another important thing to note here is the knowledge cut-off time.

This is the data which they are are fed into this AI, so they know this data by built-in up to this point.

So the 8B model as the knowledge cut-off date of March 2023, and 70B model as the knowledge cutoff date as December 2023.

So these data are showing the model size for us available.

Meta AI Comparison with Other AI LLMs

Now, quickly take a look into the comparison of META AI with other AI LLMs.

meta ai comparison

First, this is not an in-depth comparison in my view.

What I have done is I have taken the comparison which Meta themselves have done for this llama 3.0 model, along with the competitor, what they are claimed.

From the initial perspective, what I’m seeing is, they are comparing the 8B model to a similar set of open source, free available model like Jemma and Mistral, and also they are comparing 70B with other similarly models available to be more competitive.

What I’m seeing is because they they are comparing against Gemini Pro and also Clawed 3 Sonet.

What they are not comparing is not against ChatGPT 4 or they are not comparing it against Claude 3 Opus model or something like that.

What makes me to think in this comparison is they are trying to be competitive by comparing them to a very similar models which they can probably beat on most of the occasion.

They are not actually testing in this against of market leaders in my mind.

In my mind, when I see LLM models, the market leaders are currently, for me personally, ChatGPT 4 and also Claude 3 Opus, which they are not comparing it.

From my perspective, it is fairly very behind of these models, but maybe in future these can change.

How to Use Meta AI Powered by Llama 3 For Free?

Now let me quickly show you how you can start using it. Meta.Ai, first point, not available throughout the world.

Meta AI isn't available yet in your country

As I mentioned, you can use VPN or proxy to access it in case if you don’t have access.

In order to access the chatbot of, all you need to do is open any web browser and go to

You can see straight away, I don’t have access in my country.

This is a easily fixable solution for me because all I need to do is just use a VPN from any countries which is available.

Okay, now I have connected to VPN. Let me refresh this page. You can see And now I have access to the chat screen.

Meta AI Chatbot – ChatGPT Alternative

This is a Meta AI chat screen.

Meta AI Chatbot

We have the chat side here, and if you see, we also have a imagine side here to create images and animate images.

The conversation first, they have given us several ideas. If you are now familiar with ChatGPT or Microsoft Copilot or any Gemini Pro, you will see a very similar interface which is very easy to start using it.

You don’t need to learn a new interface or anything like that.

All you need to do is similarly come here and you can ask anything you want.

For example, maybe I’m giving some command like this and based on it, it is going to be generating content for us.

Meta AI Example

You can have so many various different types of conversation here.

You can ask about writing blog post, asking advice.

As I mentioned, the use cases, they have given 12 different use cases, so you can use that to test it out.

You also can give feedback on their response.

Maybe it can be used to improve their quality of the output they are providing.

You have the option to click on this to copy to clipboard.

So that is the chat side of it.

You can experiment on your because the use case is going to be different for everyone.

So that is conversation.

Meta AI Image Generator with Animation

Now the next part is called Imagine.

Imagine is where it is going to be generating image style images for you with the option to edit and animate that option for you.

So I’m going to show this as well.

For example, all you need to do is come into the imagine side of this and type something like imagine.

I’m just giving a very basic command right now.

I just wanted to show you what it can do, how it can edit these things.

That’s why I gave a very basic one.

I have given a person riding motorcycle and it is generating around four different images for me. You can see it as a cool little interface here as well.

A sample meta AI chat conversation

I have the option to go to expand and go into full screen mode here.

When I do that, I can see this much more clearly.

It is giving me the prompt here. It also gives me a various different option.

For example, I can view this into different things.

So these are the images it generated.

If you notice, when I click on any of these images, I have the option to regenerate or edit this image.

So if I’m seeing this image here, maybe I’ll click on Edit, and it’s asking what changes you would like to make.

I might give something like, Black motor cycle in hill station.

What I have done is I’ve given a prompt to the imagine model, and now I’m actually editing that prompt while I on the go.

So you can see, automatically it created a new prompt based on my requirement, a person riding the black motorcycle in Hill Station.

Now you can see the images are very close to what I have asked, a black motorcycle and in Hill Station.

You can see, understand and maybe I can go this much more depth.

In this case, what I am trying to convey to you is that it’s ability to edit the prompt as we go and generate much more customised one.

You can see now the prompt got edited again, a person riding black motorcycle in illustration in early morning, and the image is actually correct in this case also.

You can see that image got regenerated here.

We have the previous prompt also here, and the latest generated one as well.

If you see the previous one, now let me show you another cool thing.

One, we can report this year as well in case if AI misbegaves or something like that.

The next important thing is going to be the animate button.

If I’m clicking on Animate button, what it will do, there is no involvement involved.

Just with the click of the button, it will create one to two frames, seconds of animation of the images we created.

You can see here this bike is moving forward, here this is also moving this side.

The animations are very simple, but something unique, to be honest, because I did generate, maybe I’ll show you another example, because I did generate something, a different image called pirate voyage.

You can see I tried to generate a pirate on a ship.

This animation was really cool for me because, let me show this. The IDM popup is coming out.

You can see this is generating the image, it actually created the waves moving the images and walking, waves moving, ship moving, and even the birds moving on the background and everything.

That is what the imagine capability of meta AI.

Still on our early stage, but still it’s cool for this amount of development and for free also. You don’t need to pay to access this thing.

With this, you can create cool little animation for one to two frames a second for a meme or a social media content or anything like that. But still it’s on a right track, to be honest, and can also download the image anytime you want as well.

Future of AI at Meta

Next we’ll take a look into the future.

What Meta is saying about Meta AI chatbot in llama 3. In coming months, Meta expects to introduce There’s new capabilities for this. Longer context window, we already see the context is about 8K. They are planning for longer context video.

Additional model sizes, currently it is 8B and 70B. They are planning for more additional model sizes, enhancing performance, and while sharing their LLaMA 3 research paper and more details on open source and partnership, because LLaMA 3 is an open source model, so it is completely free to build application based out of it.

And also, they did mention LLaMA 3 will be supported soon on cloud software platforms like AWS Databricks, Google Cloud, Huggingface, and lot more, and also planning to probably in hardware platform like AMD, AWS, Dell, Intel, and lot more.

So still in a very early stage, just two days ago, it got released and lot more development will be coming out on open soon and meta is officially entering into AI race as well, with all its biggest competitor like Microsoft, Google, OpenAI, all this space.

So very exciting future in the AI industry.

Have you started using it? What you are liking and not? Once again, thank you so much for watching this video and I’ll see you in a next video.

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