My Association with SaaS, Reviews, & Deals

Hi guys, I decided to bring more transparency to any lifetime deals or reviews I share within the community.

Moving forward, I will add a tag for deal share regarding my association with the deal.

Tags Which I Will Use?

SaaS Founder gave review access

I get messages from founder or deal network where they send me review access either temp or same deal, so this is for the deal/SaaS where I was given review access from SaaS Founder. I will share my personal feedback after trying it out.

Temporary review access for SaaS was given by a fellow community member or a friend

I have very close friends in our group who have temporarily given me their accounts to create reviews. One example is the review I did previously where Tae Yun gave the access for Ubersuggest.

I didn’t purchase the deal or SaaS nor customer (not personally recommended), but I am an affiliate

This for lifetime deal share where I haven’t bought this deal personally or didn’t personally like or not an existing customer but sharing the deal in the interest of the community to notify a deal like this is happening. I have joined in as affiliate partner so if someone makes a decision to buy through personal reason or based on our community discussion and want to support me they can do it buying through the link (I will also share non-referral link).

The reason for not purchasing can differ for each deal, so I will try to list the reason for that in the deal post. Still, the common reason I expect to include already have an existing SaaS for this purpose, don’t need this SaaS, didn’t like deal terms/price, or didn’t like the deal for some reason.

I didn’t purchase the deal or SaaS nor customer (not personally recommended), but I am not an affiliate

Pretty much explanation as 3, but in this case, I am not an affiliate and not earning anything personally like sponsored fee but sharing the deals for the benefit of the community.

I didn’t purchase this deal or SaaS, but an existing user (I will share my personal experience too)

This for a deal share where I haven’t bought this deal but I am already a current customer. Sometimes companies come up in LTD or discounts in a later stage, or this is a necessary tool for me where even though I didn’t buy the current deal, I am already a customer. I already have access to around 200+ SaaS, WP, services, and Apps stuff.

I purchased this new deal or SaaS

This for a lifetime deal/discount share where I bought this particular deal for my personal or agency use. I will not be able to give a full review since I am a new customer, but I will try to give first impressions/demo after buying it.

I tested the SaaS using trial

This for lifetime deals share where I haven’t bought the deal and not given access but used a trial to share my opinion or create a review for it.


I hope those tags will give the nature of my association with deal/SaaS, and if you guys can think up another tag or more explanation that will be suitable, do let me know, and I will try to add that too.

I will implement this on deal/reviews share on our group, YouTube video description, mention it in my audio review, and review articles I write.

Thanks, guys, for the continued support! Really appreciate it.