Ubersuggest Review & Tutorial For Business SEO 2024

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Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest is an all-in-one SEO tool which we can use to improve SEO and marketing for our business website.

In this blog post, I will do a detailed review of Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest.

The review will cover the pros and cons of using Ubersuggest, pricing details, and alternatives to Ubersuggest.

What is Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool acquired by Neil Patel in Feb 2017 and turned into an all-in-one SEO tool with AI.

Ubersuggest used to full free, but now it’s a freemium tool where they offer free limited access, monthly pricing, and lifetime deal option.


Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest is an all-in-one SEO tool that has been gaining popularity among digital marketers.

It is a keyword research tool that helps you to do keyword research, backlink analysis, content ideas, website audit, and more.

In this blog post, we will provide a detailed review of Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest.

The review will cover the pros and cons of using Ubersuggest, pricing details, and alternatives to Ubersuggest.

We will also provide a tutorial on how to use Ubersuggest and compare it with other SEO tools in the market.

What is Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool acquired by Neil Patel in Feb 2017 and turned into an all-in-one SEO tool.


First, are you wondering what is Ubersuggest?

There is a bit of history.

Ubersuggest used to only a keyword research tool, which Neil Patel acquired in Feb 2017.

It was made live on neilpatel.com as a free keyword research tool.

Then Neil Patel started adding more tools into the app, and it turned into the Ubersuggest SEO tool.

Whenever a new feature is introduced, new versions of the app would come out like Ubersuggest 2.0, Ubersuggest 3.0, Ubersuggest 4.0, Ubersuggest 5.0, Ubersuggest 6.0, Ubersuggest 7.0, etc.

It used be full free SEO tool so it gained alot of popularity, and everyone started sharing with others.

Because there aren’t any other tools in the market which provide all these toolkits for free under one platform.

Moving forward quickly to 2020, Now it’s a paid SEO tool with a free option with limited features and data. (You can read why he started to charge money here)

Ok, now let’s see what Ubersuggest is in 2021?

Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest is an SEO tool which helps various SEO tasks such as:

  • Finding keywords to target and rank in Google & other search engines.
  • Generating content ideas to help you write relevant content to your audience.
  • Fix your website’s SEO mistakes to make it optimized for Search Engines.
  • Find your competitor backlinks and top-ranking keywords.

Ok, now let’s see how to use Ubersuggest.

Free vs Pro Version

As I said Ubersuggest is not a Free SEO tool.

In the internet you will find alot of articles, reviews and videos claiming this tool to best free SEO tool.

That is because it used to be fully free SEO app & now it’s not.

So most of the resources in the internet is contain outdated information.

Ubersuggest free tool converted into Ubersuggest paid.

However there is free Ubersuggest plan with limited features and data.

If you are thinking of using Ubersuggest for free then you need to aware what you get:

You can do total 3 searches per day before the accesss getting restricted for the day.

Then you will see this screen and you can’t close it.

Ubersuggest for free

Then there is an option to connect your gmail and create free account.

You can do a total of 5 searches before you account get’s restricted for the day.

Then you will ask to wait for 24 hours or upgrade to premium.

ubersuggest account limit

Also for those 5 searches you will see only limited data.

You can see how limited it is for free, that’s any old content on the Internet is misleading.

So in this review from now on I will using the Ubersuggest PRO account to demonstrate.

Ubersuggest Pricing – Lifetime deal & monthly pricing

Now let’s quickly see the Ubersuggest pricing model.

The Ubersuggest cost can be paid monthly or buying the Ubersuggest lifetime deal.

Below are monthly pricing costs as I am writing this review.

ubersuggest monthly price

Below are their onetime pricing, where you one time and get access to lifetime.

ubersuggest lifetime deal

After this guide, you will know is Ubersuggest worth it for this price?

Ubersuggest Alternatives & Comparisons

Ubersuggest Alternatives & Comparisons

Before going into the explanation of Ubersuggest.

When it comes to SEO tool’s data and features we can’t say whether it’s good or not without comparing it with its competitors.

That’s why in this guide, I have compared Ubersuggest’s data with Ubersuggest alternatives data too.

I will compare it with paid alternatives and free alternatives to help you decide the right solution.

These will be sites or tools like UberSuggest, which provide all the functions or some of the functions.

Ubersuggest vs Ahrefs

Ubersuggest and Ahrefs are different in their ways of operation. Ahrefs is better in backlinks checking, competitor analysis, and ranking checking.

At the same time, Ubersuggest is helpful in searching for keywords.

Without a doubt, Ubersuggest is a valuable keyword research tool, but in terms of advanced SEO features, Ahrefs is way ahead.

Ubersuggest vs Semrush

Ubersuggest and SEMrush are both SEO tools that have their own unique features.

Ubersuggest is a budget-friendly option that offers more features than SEMrush.

It provides keyword suggestions based on a seed keyword and displays CPC, monthly search volume, and competition level for each keyword.

On the other hand, SEMrush allows more detailed information about every keyword and has more in-depth features like local SEO, site auditing, Google Ads data, brand monitoring and social media scheduling.

Moz vs Ubersuggest

Moz and Ubersuggest are both SEO tools that have their own unique features.

Moz targets the marketing departments of organizations in various industries and can support small, medium, and large established enterprises to help streamline marketing operations.

On the other hand, Ubersuggest is for small businesses and solopreneurs to beat their competition at the SEO and content marketing games

In this guide, I will mainly focus on comparison data from tools such as:

  • Ubersuggest vs. Google Keyword Planner
  • Ubersuggest vs Ahrefs
  • Ubersuggest vs. Semrush
  • Ubersuggest vs. Moz
  • Ubersuggest vs. keywords everywhere
  • Ubersuggest vs answerthepublic
  • Ubersuggest vs. Spyfu
  • Ubersuggest vs. Brandoverflow
  • Ubersuggest vs Morningscore

So in this guide, all the data I get from Ubersuggest will be compared with the above SEO tools.

Ubersuggest features

Ubersuggest dashboard

Ubersuggest dashboard is the main screen you will see once you sign in to your account.

It’s minimalistic and easy to use.

If you haven’t added any of your websites, then you will see an empty screen.

In my video, I have shown how to create a new project in Ubersuggest.

However, if you have existing projects added, then you will see the overview of projects.

The data it shows are:

A screen showing the ubersuggest's dashboard project
  1. Shows project name and domain name.
  2. Shows the screenshot of the website
  3. Shows the monthly organic monthly traffic
  4. Overall site’s SEO health score, critical issues, last crawl date, and site audit tool’s link.
  5. Shows overview of keywords we are monitoring Google SERP positions
  6. Shows the total backlinks count for the website and visual chart of progress over time.
  7. Shows the total referring domains for the website, and a visual chart show of progress over time.

It shows essential overview data and links to the main tools inside Ubersuggest.

Google SERP position tracking

Ubersuggest keyword tracking tool helps you monitor your SERP position on Google.

This good to monitor your SEO progress and identify which keywords you want to focus more on.

From the user point of view, I like how the data is presented.

SaaSpirate's SERP rank tracking project
  1. Show the project you are viewing the tracked keywords.
  2. Shows the total number of keywords and when the data was last updated.
  3. You can select from which device you want to see the data.
  4. This shows from which location & languages you are tracking.
  5. This shows the date range for average values.
  6. PDF report generates this screen into the PDF report.
  7. Settings give you the option edit project name.
  8. This shows the average position of our keywords based on all the rankings.
  9. This shows a visual representation of, on average, which positions your keywords are ranking.
  10. This metric takes in your search volume and position and calculates a value based on that when your visibility trend value increases, your organic traffic increases too.
  11. Below is a table which shows all the tracked keywords.
  12. You can add new keywords from here to track. (The tool will also suggest keywords to add).
  13. You can export the ranking data into CSV from here.
  14. Our tracked keywords.
  15. Current positions with change and options to ranking over time.
  16. Monthly search volume according to Ubersuggest.
  17. Keyword SERP difficulty, according to Ubersuggest (See the below tip).
  18. Shows the webpage ranking for that keyword.
  19. Shows ranking for which devices such as mobile or PC.

TIP: In Ubersuggest, you will see SD in keywords. It means Search Difficulty; it is a number Ubersuggest comes up with based on their data to show the keyword’s competitiveness. To find low competition keywords, you need to find a lower SD number (Although this value is inaccurate in my research, explained more below).

TIP: In Ubersuggest SERP keyword tracking, you can track keyword positions separately for PC and mobile.

SERP tracking data comparison

Let’s compare some of the results with Google, Brandoverflow & SEObility.

lifetime deal12th12th12th12th
stacksocial review11th12th11th12th
Check it outLearn MoreLearn MoreLearn MoreLearn More

Proof of the testing results & conclusion

Keyword research tool

Ubersuggest’s keyword tool is an essential part of the software.

It’s because when Neil Patel introduced Ubersuggest, it was a free keyword research app.

Now let’s see how to use ubersuggest for keyword research, and is Ubersuggest accurate?

Do you want to rank your website, YouTube videos, or any other web resources?

The first step is to find the right keywords ideas.

Finding low competition keywords is an essential part of SEO.

When doing keyword research in Ubersuggest, it’s divided into 2 parts:

  • Ubersuggest Overview: Which shows the overview SERP of the keyword
  • Ubersuggest Keyword Ideas: This is the keyword finder that gives in-depth analysis & generates keyword ideas.

Okay, first, let’s look at the main elements inside the “Keyword Overview” tool.

Ubersuggest keyword overview of sample report
  1. Enter the keyword you want to see SERP overview data & select location
  2. Monthly search volume for the keywords according to Ubersuggest
  3. SEO difficulty can also be referred to as keyword difficulty to rank according to Ubersuggest.
  4. Paid difficulty shows Google Adwords PPC competition for that keyword.
  5. Shows the average money Google charges per click on their Ads.
  6. This tip tells how many backlinks and domain score of the first 10 websites. (Helps to identify competition level)
  7. Shows search trends for this keyword for one year on mobile and desktop. (Good identify declining markets, seasonal keywords & device-oriented keywords)
  8. Shows the clickthrough metrics (Very important because not everyone will search will click on SERP) SEO shows how many will click organic results, scores show how many will click ads & no clicks show how many people do not click on anything.
  9. This shows the age demographics of your searchers, which can give insights into your audience.

Now, let’s take a look at the main elements inside the “Keyword Ideas” tool.

Ubersuggest keyword ideas sample data
  1. Type your root keyword and select your target location.
  2. You have the filters to sort keywords such as search volume, paid difficulty, cost per click, SEO difficulty, include keywords, and exclude keywords.
  3. Ubersuggest can generate keywords suggestions, related keywords, question keywords, prepositions & comparison keywords.
  4. Export the keywords ideas to CSV
  5. Click to copy keywords to clipboard.
  6. Keyword idea
  7. Search volume keyword according to Ubersuggest
  8. Cost-Per-Click value in Google Adwords
  9. PD stands for paid difficulty, which internal metrics used by Ubersuggest to measure Google Adwords competition.
  10. SD in Ubersuggest means search difficulty; its value assigned by Uber suggests based on the top 10 ranking site’s SEO power.
  11. This shows an in-depth explanation for selected keyword. This shows URLs ranking in Google.
  12. Number estimated visits they receive every month.
  13. Number of backlinks that a webpage has according to Ubersuggest
  14. DS stands for domain score, which value Ubersuggest assigns after analyzing the domain’s power.
  15. The total number of social shares on networks such as Facebook and others.
  16. Export SERP results to CSV.

For successful keyword research, finding low competition keywords is a must, so now let’s compare Ubersuggest keyword research data with other SEO tools in the market.

For these test, I will test several factors which are essential to ranking:

  • Search volume to qualify the keyword
  • SD or SEO difficulty to rate the found keywords (Very Important)
  • Cost per click to measure the value of the keyword
  • Total generated keyword suggestions per keyword.

For this example, I have taken three keywords, and the target country is the united states:

  • cloud computing – A two-word keyword in the digital niche.
  • weight loss workout – Because big niche and one of the most searched keywords in the industry.
  • polar backup review – Niche keyword due to low competition, and I am already ranking on it.

Let’s compare some of the keyword research data with Keyword Planner, Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz, BrandOverflow, SerpStat, MorningScore & GetKeywords.

Search volume comparison

cloud computing33,10010k-100k33,10067,00030,30033,00033,00027,10037,700
weight loss workout27,10010k-100k27,1001,40085033,10027,10027,10028,000
polar backup review480100-1k390400850210N/A39080
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Search difficulty comparison

cloud computing438287867361Very HighN/AN/A
weight loss workout298292456147Very HighN/AN/A
polar backup review196072436N/AMediumN/AN/A
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AdWords cost per click (CPC) comparison

cloud computing$29.45$20.88$14.31$11.04$45.00$21.57$22$12.01N/A
weight loss workout$1.79$1.87$1.87$1.07$3.00$1.80$2.10$2.1N/A
polar backup review$1.64$5.58$3.54$12.85$1.20N/A$4.20$12.01N/A
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Keyword suggestions count for one keyword comparison

cloud computing38,50471668,80038,74156,0471,1161,000N/AN/A
weight loss workout2,4181,57714,24611,8539,2361981,000N/AN/A
polar backup review10015151,381N/A1101000N/AN/A
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Keyword research conclusion

Here are what I think after testing.

What I liked

  • Easy to use interface
  • City and countries level search
  • Keyword ideas are categorized logically.
  • Good list of keyword suggestions
  • Filters to go through keyword suggestions list fast
  • Export suggestions & SERP data to CSV
  • Accurate search volume and PPC values
  • There was no global search
  • Bad SEO difficulty score
  • Bad Backlinks Data for ranking pages
  • Does not take featured snippet into SERP ranking consideration

What I didn’t like

Content ideas

You can use the Ubersuggest content ideas tool for a variety of tasks.

There multiple ways you can use this tool:

  • To generate content ideas on what to write.
  • To understand what your audience is interested.
  • Find content that gets shared most on social media.
  • Identify your competitors
  • Identify more keywords
  • How to write converting titles
  • Find backlink opportunities

TIP: You can use filters to sort content ideas. There filters like Facebook shares, Pinterest shares, include keywords and exclude keywords.

Now let’s take a look at the main elements of the “Content Ideas” tool.

Content ideas from Ubersuggest
  1. You enter the keyword, select location & click on Search.
  2. You can filter the content from here
  3. Shows the article title
  4. Shows number of estimated visits
  5. Shows number of backlinks
  6. Shows the social media shares
  7. You can export the data from here
  8. You can copy the content list to the clipboard

Traffic analyzer for top SERP ranking pages & keywords

Their traffic analyzer is a 3 part tool:

  • It contains an overview, top pages, and keywords.
  • This tool is useful for competitor SEO analysis.
  • You can find top-ranking pages in SERP for competitors.
  • You can also find keywords that brining in most SERP (Search Engine) traffic to a website.

Traffic analyzer overview

This shows an overview off-page SEO analysis for a website.

Now let’s take a look at the main elements inside the Traffic Analyzer Overview tool:

Traffic analyzer overview
  1. Shows the number of organic keywords the website is ranking according to Ubersuggest
  2. Shows the monthly organic traffic the website is receiving according to Ubersuggest
  3. Ubersuggest domain score is a value that they assign after analyzing the SEO power of the website.
  4. Backlinks show the total number of backlinks the website has.
  5. This chart shows the monthly traffic chart and trend for the year.
  6. SEO keywords ranking shows the keywords ranking collection positions
  7. This is a quick preview of data from their Traffic Analyzer Top Pages.
  8. This is a quick preview of data from their Traffic Analyzer Keywords.

Traffic analyzer overview comparison

Let’s compare some of the backlinks data & organic traffic with Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz, SerpStat & MorningScore.

Check it outLearn MoreLearn MoreLearn MoreLearn MoreLearn More

Organic traffic comparison

Check it outLearn MoreLearn MoreLearn More

Traffic analyzer overview conclusion

Here are my observation after using traffic analyzer.

What I liked:

  • Shows the data in a format which easy to understand for beginners.
  • Shows all the fundamental data to do off-page SEO analysis.
  • Shows the overall visitor trend for the year instead of just for this month.

What I didn’t like:

  • Sometimes when I enter a domain to analyze, it kept on loading with a circle on the screen. (I had to close browsers and re-login)
  • I found Ubersuggest over estimates organic keyword count & organic monthly traffic.
  • The backlinks which it finds for the websites are low & due to that, the domain score also inaccurate.

Traffic analyzer top pages

This shows top-ranked webpages for a website in search engines.

Now, let’s take a look at the main elements on this screen:

traffic analyzer top pages
  1. Entered the website and target location
  2. Select which country you want to view SERP data
  3. The webpage Title & URL will be shown here.
  4. Estimated visits show how many estimated organic visitors the website is receiving.
  5. Shows the backlinks count for that webpage.
  6. Shows the social media shares for that webpage.
  7. Export the data to CSV.
  8. Copy the data to the clipboard.

Traffic analyzer top pages conclusion

Here are my observation after using traffic analyzer top pages.

What I liked:

  • A good amount of data for the entered website
  • Shows different keyword sets for other countries
  • Shows title, URL, estimated visits, backlinks & social shares.

What I didn’t like:

  • It reported less data compared to other SEO tools.
  • It overestimated the visits.
  • The backlinks count, which was reported, is inaccurate.

Traffic analyzer top keywords

This shows the number of organic ranking keyword and their stats on Google.

Now let’s take a look at the main elements inside the Traffic Analyzer Top Keywords tool:

traffic analyzer top keywords
  1. Enter the website and select the target country.
  2. Select which country keyword data you want to see
  3. Show the exact keyword.
  4. Monthly search volume
  5. The position is currently ranking for this keyword.
  6. Estimated organic visits we receive from that keyword.
  7. Search engine difficulty for that keyword according to Ubersuggest
  8. You can export the data to CSV.
  9. You can copy the data to the clipboard from here.
  10. This bubble shows the average backlinks count and domain score, according to Ubersuggest.
  11. Show the SERP URL
  12. Shows the estimated visits for that webpage
  13. Shows the backlink count for that webpage
  14. DS stands for domain score, which is a value assigned by Ubersuggest based on SEO power.
  15. The number of social media shares for that webpage.
  16. You can export results from here to CSV.

Traffic analyzer top keywords conclusion

Here are my observation after using traffic analyzer top keywords.

What I liked:

  • Shows a good amount of keywords with volume and current position.
  • Different keyword data for other countries.
  • Google SERP data shows the organic ranking data with metrics.
  • Option to export data to CSV or copy to clipboard.

What I didn’t like:

  • Most of the SD values assigned for the keywords are accurate.
  • The average backlink count shown in the message over SERP data is inaccurate in most cases.
  • The backlinks for each webpage are inaccurate in most cases.

Neil Patel’s SEO analyzer consists of 2 part:

  • Site Audit: Site audit a tool that identifies on-page or technical SEO errors and advises you to fix it.
  • Backlinks: Backlinks provide all the links created for the website.

Site audit

Ubersuggest SEO audit will analyze your entered website and customize results according to your site issues.

By fixing these errors, you can make a website optimized for SEO.

Now’s let’s take a look at the website analysis done by UberSuggest:

site audit from uber suggest
  1. Shows the on-page SEO score after evaluating technical factors.
  2. Shows the organic monthly traffic.
  3. Shows the number of organic keywords.
  4. Shows the total number of backlinks.
  5. Shows the number of crawled pages and each page’s status, such as broken, have issues, blocked, redirects, and healthy.
  6. Shows the number of critical SEO issues found on the website and links to view all.
  7. Shows the number of SEO warnings found on your website and link to view all.
  8. Shows the number of SEO recommendations on your website and link to view all.
  9. Shows the speed analysis for the website on the desktop.
  10. Shows the speed analysis for your website on mobile.
  11. Overview data for all SEO issues.
  12. Click on the button to view all SEO issues.

Some of the SEO issues it analyzes are:

  • Some of the SEO issues it analyzes are:
  • No sitemap.xml to optimize interaction with bots
  • Pages with duplicate meta descriptions
  • Pages with duplicate title tags
  • Pages without an H1 heading
  • Pages with no meta description
  • Pages returned 4XX status code
  • Pages with a poorly formatted URL for SEO
  • Pages with a title tag that is too long
  • Issues without a valid SSL certificate
  • Pages have a low word count
  • Pages have blocked meta tag robots or X-Robots-Tag HTTP header
  • Pages that use Flash
  • Pages with a long loading time
  • Pages with more than one title tag
  • Pages with no title tag
  • Pages with gzip or deflate compression disabled
  • Pages have duplicate meta description tags
  • Pages with URLs that are too long
  • Issues with an SSL certificate that is about to expire
  • Pages don’t have doctype declared
  • Pages don’t have character encoding declared
  • Pages have temporary redirects

I won’t compare on-page audit with other tools because there are too many factors to compare, and for each website, it will provide different results for different times.

Because of that, I currently link to a few of my other favorite SEO tools, which I use for an on-page SEO audit, and you can read their review and watch the videos if you are not happy with Ubersuggest technical website analysis.

  • Morningscore
  • ScreamingFrog
  • SurferSEO
  • Ahref
Site audit conclusion

Here are my observation after using site audit.

What I liked:

  • Very beginner-friendly interface
  • Detailed report with overview and explanations
  • Linking to relevant sections for different issues

What I didn’t like:

  • Picked up incorrect SEO problems. (Eg: it said there is no sitemap when there is one & picked up JSON URLs and started reporting 404 errors)
  • Speed loading time data isn’t accurate most of the time.
  • No PDF report generation
  • This tool shows the off-page SEO analysis for a website.
  • Specifically, it shows the backlink data for the website we entered.
  • This is good to find backlinks of competitors or to track backlinks for your website.

Now let’s take a look at the main elements on this screen.

Backlinks Audit
  1. Shows domain SEO score according to Ubersuggest.
  2. Shows backlinks count for that URL.
  3. Shows the referring domains for that URL.
  4. Shows monthly organic traffic received from search engines.
  5. Shows the backlinks and referring domains count over time.
  6. Shows the count of new backlinks gained and lost backlinks.
  7. Shows advanced filters to sort your backlinks.
  8. Option to export data to CSV.
  9. Shows page title, backlink URL, and target page.
  10. Shows that backlink’s domain SEO score.
  11. Shows the page SEO score for that backlink URL.
  12. Shows backlink link type.
  13. Provides the anchor text used in the backlink.
  14. First seen when the backlink was first identified.
  15. Last seen shows when the backlink for last seen as alive.

Here are my observation after using backlinks audit.

What I liked:

  • Shows most of the backlinks DATA, which is required in analyzing backlinks.
  • The data is presented in a friendly format which easy to understand.

What I didn’t like:

  • The results shown here are lower compared to other SEO softwares on the market.
  • We can only see the count, and we can’t see the lost or new links.

Ubersuggest Chrome extension

Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest chrome extension plugin is an excellent addon for any digital marketer.

Chrome extension

Because this is a kind of Google extension which adds alot more usable SEO data for search.

This Ubersuggest plugin can be easily installed in your chrome browser.

It will show monthly searches, CPC, SEO difficulty & number of backlinks, and other factors.

This will show data on Google, Amazon & YouTube.

Search results from google
search results from youtube
search results from amazon

In the sidebar, you will find keywords suggestions along with their search volume and traffic trends.

Chrome extension google results

When click “View More” or click on links, then it redirects back to Ubersuggest.

There to get in-depth results, you be asked to sign up for the Ubersuggest premium.

If you are a Ubersuggest user, especially premium, I would recommend keeping plugin on.

Currently, it only supports the Chrome web browser.

TIP: You also try to install this addon on any chromium-based browser, and it may work with them too.

Help & academy

What I like to call as Ubersuggest academy is the help section they have.

Knowledge base

There are few articles inside explaining some of the metrics and hope to do.

Help and knowledge base

I prefer the guides to be detailed and covered all the essential features with use cases.


This section contains a couple of recorded calls where Neil Patel talks about Ubersuggest and digital marketing in general.

neil patel coaching

This is useful for beginners, but I didn’t like that they do not focus entirely on the tool and it’s use case but I think since I am experienced in SEO I felt like this but for beginner point of view this would be very useful.


This is the place where you can ask a support question.

I tested their support with SEO-oriented questions and got a reply back within a day.

Support ticket from their team

So I am happy about it.

Frequently asked questions

What is Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool acquired by Neil Patel in Feb 2017 and turned into an all-in-one SEO tool.

Ubersuggest used to full free, but now it’s a freemium tool where they offer free limited access, monthly pricing, and lifetime deal option.

Is Ubersuggest free?

No, it’s not free now. It used to free SEO tools where Neil Patel mentioned it would remain free forever.

However, he later turned it into a paid model with limited free access & more info on this article.

How much does Ubersuggest PRO cost?

Ubersuggest PRO has two pricing options. The first one is the Ubersuggest lifetime deal, which starts at $120 for 3 websites and $400 for an agency plan.

Their monthly pricing is 12$ for a month for 3 websites and 40$ a month for an agency website.

Is Ubersuggest data accurate?

When it comes to SEO, data accuracy means everything. For keywords, you need search difficulty to be accurate when finding low competition keywords, and for backlinks, you want to see all the backlinks do to the right analysis.

In Ubersuggest, after my testing, I found search volume, CPC, suggestions, on-page & PPC to be accurate where most of the time, Domain score, Search score, SEO difficulty & backlinks to be inaccurate.

Who is Ubersuggest suited for?

Ubersuggest does multiple SEO tasks, so it’s good all-in-one SEO software. However, it’s not suited for everyone after my research.

I would say this is suitable for beginners, freelancers, and SMB who wanted to do SEO. Still, SEO is not their focused marketing method, so they use this easy SEO tool to spend a couple of hours a week to optimize their SEO strategy.

Also, I would not recommend Ubersuggest if you are going focus alot on SEO as a marketing strategy because the data it provides is limited or significantly inaccurate.

For example, the keyword difficulty scores are incorrect, along with the fact that they detect a low amount of backlinks and ranking keywords compared to their competitors.

What are the Ubersuggest alternatives?

There so many alternatives for Ubersuggest, such as SEMrush, ahrefs, MorningScore, BrandOverflow, Moz, GetKeywords, KeywordTool.io, Answerthepublic, KWFinder, and more. To see the full list and the data comparison with Ubersuggest, read this guide.

Ubersuggest pros & cons

We have discussed the PROS and CONS of Ubersuggest throughout this guide.

In this section, let’s quickly take a look at the main advantages and disadvantages of Ubersuggest.


  • Very beginner-friendly tool & easy interface
  • Provides tooltip, guides, and explanation to explain every aspect of the tool
  • Provides most functions which required for a full SEO campaign
  • Affordable monthly pricing and lifetime deal
  • The tool is backed up by Neil Patel (A well known digital marketer)
  • SEO app is fully mobile responsive
  • Ubersuggest connects with your Google Webmaster Console account and bring that data into the app too
  • You can look at data and results for the country or city level
  • Responsive and helpful support


  • Connecting Google Webmaster Console allows Ubersuggest to view all your verified data for your site.
  • Sometimes when using the tool, I found it’s stuck on loading, and in that case, I had to close and reopen to use it.
  • Ubersuggest is no longer free; now, their free plan is very limited features and data. (If you find any articles or videos claiming it’s entirely free, then those are outdated content)
  • The SEO data provides such keyword difficulty, backlinks, referring domains are inaccurate most of the times compared with tools such as ahrefs, semrush, morningscore, Moz, and getkeywords. (Wrong data can make your SEO efforts waste)
  • Limited data or features on functions available on the tool. I found the features/functions available on the tool are low limited compared to the market. (Keyword Gap, New/Lost Backlinks, Comparison & etc)


Ubersuggest is an excellent tool for SEO beginners or looking for affordable SEO tool on budget through their lifetime deal price.

If you plan to use Ubersuggest for free, then I advise you to look into alternatives because the free plan is limited.

The main limitations for Ubersuggest which I see now are:

  • Limited data where it provides inaccurate keyword difficulty value. (Mistakenly shows the competitive keywords as easy).
  • Low amount of backlinks getting detected for webpage and domain. (In my research, Ubersuggest shows only 10%-50% of the actual links).

I hope this will improve in the future to make it solid all-in-one SEO tool where you don’t need anything else expect Ubersuggest.

I hope my guide/review/comparison is useful, and if you can, please do share with your friends if you think this will help them.

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