Cheapest Domain Registration Provider to Buy Your Business Website

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What’s the cheapest domain registration provider which offers affordable price and provide good service?

I asked the same question and received answers from 371+ business owners.

Here is what I discovered.

Best Affordable Domain Registration Provider in 2024

Based on the votes I received for the poll, “What is your favorite domain registrar(s)? for affordable price”.

Shows the results of how small business owners voted for their favourite domain registers.

It’s safe to say:

Namecheap is the best affordable and cheap domain registration provider in 2024.


You want to create a website for your business or personal brand, but you don’t know where to start.

You need a domain name that is catchy, memorable, and affordable.

But finding one can be a challenge in today’s competitive online market.

There are hundreds of domain name registrars out there, but not all of them are reliable, secure, or cheap. Some of them charge hidden fees, have poor customer service, or offer low-quality domains that can hurt your SEO and reputation.

You don’t want to waste your time and money on a bad domain name that will cost you more in the long run.

That’s why we created this guide to help you find the best cheapest place to buy domain names in 2024.

We have researched and compared dozens of domain name providers and ranked them based on their price, features, customer reviews, and SEO value.

I ran a poll within our community, asking the community to rank cheapest and best domain registrars to help you find best places to buy a domain name.

This list is based on the results of this poll where 250+ people voted for their favorite & cheapest domain registrars.

You can view the poll we ran here in our official community here.

Whether you are looking for a .com, .net, .org, or any other extension, we have you covered.

With our guide, you can find the perfect domain name for your website without breaking the bank.

Let’s Get Started

Please do remeber that this list of the only good registrars based on my experience, but the ones our community are using too.

I have created this best domain register guide to be useful for everyone.

So do you want to find out what the top domain name registrars, learn how to choose the right domain registrar and frequently asked questions on domain registrar.

For some domain registrar & best places to buy a domain name listed below, I am an affiliate.

Since I don’t like to force people to click on affiliate links for commissions, it should be your choice.

You can select any link that you wish, but if you choose the referral link, I will receive a small commission.

However, it will not affect your purchase price, and it will help me create more guides like this for you.

1. Namecheap

Namecheap domain registrar
  • Accredited ICANN domain name registrar and established in 2000
  • Based on Phoenix, Arizona, USA
  • Register a wide range of TLDs at cost-effective prices
  • Offering discount for bulk domain purchases
  • They have awesome customer support via email or 24/7 live chat
  • No upsell or hidden charges when registering or renewing the domains
  • Free Whois Guard service to protect your privacy
  • UI is easy to use and makes domain management simple
  • Offer a range of services like web hosting, email, SSL, DNS, and more

Learn more about Namecheap domain registrar

Don’t let the name fool you because this company is great.

Name cheap is a fully accredited ICANN domain name registrar based in Phoenix, Arizona, US

They have been in business since 2000.

There are over 13 million domains registered through Namecheap.

They allow you to register a wide range of TLDs for cheap domain names price.

They also offer bulk domain name registration with bonus discounts.

They don’t try to upsell or have hidden charges when registering or renewing the domains.

They also give you free Whois Guard service, to protect your privacy.

Their UI is easy to use and makes domain management simple while offering all the services you need to run a successful website.

They also offer other services such as web hosting, email hosting, premium DNS, SSL, and more.

Namecheap also offers 24/7 live chat and an in-depth knowledge base.

Namecheap also has a marketplace where you list domain names for sale.

Overall this is one of the domain name registrars I use for a long time and came in top in our survey from our community too.

Check Namecheap Domains

2. Porkbun

Porkbun domain hosting
  • New domain name registrar on the block
  • Fully ICANN accredited.
  • Established in 2014 and based on Sherwood, Oregon, USA
  • Cheap domain registration prices
  • Unique sense of humor and clean website design
  • Wide range of TLDs with some extensions missing
  • Free domain parking and privacy protection services
  • Live chat and knowledge base for customer support
  • They also offer a range of other services like web hosting, email, SSL, and more

Learn more about Porkbun domain registrar

Again, don’t let the name fool you because this company is great too.

Porkbun is the newest domain name registrar on the block and it was established in 2014.

However from personal experience it’s one best domain registrars.

Porkbun is a fully accredited ICANN domain name registrar based in Sherwood, Oregon, USA.

Their domain prices are very affordable and one of the best.

Their sense of humor is visible throughout their website.

They also offer minimalist and clean domain management UI.

They also support a wide range of TLDs but still, some extensions are missing.

They also offer free domain parking for all domains and whois privacy protection.

They also offer a lot of other services like web hosting, email hosting, premium DNS, SSL, and more.

Porkbun also offers live chat and an in-depth knowledge base to help you out.

I’m now using more than Namecheap because it has the best prices for .com domains and I like their approach when it comes to being an innovative domain registrar.

Check Porkbun Domains

3. Namesilo

  • Established in 2010 and based on Phoenix, Arizona, USA
  • Low-cost domain name registrar
  • One of the most reputable domain registrar
  • Fully accredited ICANN domain name registrar
  • Support over 150+ payment methods for domain purchase-including crypto
  • Provide free domain parking, DNS management, and whois privacy protection
  • Offer support in chat, email, and phone during active hours

Learn more about Namesilo domain registrar

It was established in 2010 and one of the low-cost domain name registrars and still is.

It’s one of the respected domain registrars for small businesses, personal websites, and more.

Namesilo is a fully accredited ICANN domain name registrar based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

They have over 3 million domains registered through them.

It’s one of the affordable domain name registrars with old-school UI.

They also support over 150+ payment methods for domain purchases including crypto.

It also provides free domain parking, DNS management, and whois privacy protection.

They offer support in chat, email, and phone support during active hours.

They also have a marketplace to sell your domains.

This is also one of my favorite domain registrars and still, I have a bunch of domain names with them.

Check Namesilo Domains

4. Cloudflare

  • Established on 2009 and based on San Francisco, California, USA
  • Cloudflare is one most popular DNS & CDN service but they offer registration too
  • You can’t register, only you can transfer and renew
  • They sell domains at a cost price and they don’t keep any markup
  • Supports over 200+ top-level domains
  • Their support is slow based on community members

Learn more about Cloudflare domain registrar

Cloudflare is not primarily an ICANN accredited domain provider, but it’s a DNS service and content delivery network (CDN).

Cloudflare is well known for its free DNS management service for all domains under your account.

It’s founded in 2009 and it’s based in San Francisco, California, USA.

It does not charge any markup on domain purchases.

It means they are selling domain names, it cost the price.

They support over 200+ top-level domains.

However, the biggest negative is that you cannot register new domains with them.

Instead, you can only transfer already registered domains to them and renew.

Also, according to our community members, their support is very slow.

Check Cloudflare Domains

5. GoDaddy


Note: I don’t personally use Godaddy anymore due to higher renewal prices, extra charge for whois privacy & being too much marketing oriented.

  • Established in 1996 & Located in Tempe, Arizona, USA
  • The world’s biggest ICANN accredited domain registrar (20+ million customers)
  • Heavily advertised and marketed domain registrar
  • Domain prices are cheaper during the first year but expensive during renewal
  • You need to careful about hidden charges or upsells during purchase
  • Wide range of other services such as website builder, SSL, web hosting, and more
  • Godaddy auctions for selling active and expired domains
  • Support: Community, tutorials, knowledge base, live chat & phone support

Learn more about GoDaddy domain registrar

It’s established in 1996 and it’s based in Tempe, Arizona, USA.

Godaddy is the biggest ICANN accredited domain registrar with over 20+ million customers, 80+ domains under their management, and 7000 employees worldwide.

Godaddy does a lot of marketing & advertisements, so you would have seen their ads somewhere at least one time up to now.

Most of the time Godaddy has the best first-year domain price but their renewal price is higher than competitors.

They also will try to get you to pay years upfront to get a lower overall price where 2nd-year price will generally be higher than 1st year.

They also will try to upsell you in other things like website builder, extra protection, web hosting, email hosting, etc during the purchase process.

They also offer bulk discounts for wholesale domain purchases.

They also allow domain transfer but those domains can only be transferred after 60 days after registration.

Godaddy allows offers a wide range of services such as email hosting, website builder, SSL, web hosting, digital marketing services, and more.

They also support a lot of TLDs to purchase including international and local.

The domain management panel is also very easy to use, and it’s packed with a lot of rich features.

They support a lot of payment options to make it easier for you.

Support wise Godaddy provides a powerful community, tutorials, in-depth knowledge base and

24/7 phone support & chat support.

They also have a powerful domains sale market called Godaddy auctions which are selling active and expired Godaddy domains. (I use it and it’s really good)

Overall it’s the biggest domain registrar I have used and provides a lot of services but you need to careful about hidden charges, up-sells, and renewal prices.

Check GoDaddy Domains

6. Dynadot

dynadot domain name registrar
  • ICANN accredited and one of the oldest domain name service
  • Established in 2002 and based on San Mateo, California, USA
  • They have 3m+ plus domains under their management
  • Professional registrar with a focus on customer experience
  • Domain prices are transparent and easy to understand without tricky up-sells
  • Support is provided by live chat, knowledge base, and support tickets
  • Grace deletions allow domain to be deleted within a time frame at a small fee
  • They have a domain suggestion tool for generating new domain ideas

Learn more about Dynadot domain registrar

It’s established in 2002 and it’s based in San Mateo, California, USA.

Dynadot is an ICANN accredited domain registrar with over 3 million-plus domains under their management.

Dynadot is a professional registrar and they do a lot of focus on customer experience.

The domain prices are transparent and easy to understand without tricky up-sells.

Additionally, with domain purchases, you get WHOIS protection, a free forwarding service & a simple one-page website builder.

They also allow grace deletions to return the domain you registered within a specific time frame with a small fee.

They also have a domain suggestion tool to generate domain ideas for names.

They also provide a minimalist domain management panel with advanced features.

They also provide API which you can integrate into your software.

Additionally, they also offer additional services such as VPS hosting, email, SSL, and website builder.

They also offer a small-scale domain sale market where you can buy domain names with are owned by someone else.

For support, they have a knowledge base, live chat, and support tickets.

Overall it’s a great upcoming registrar and when you’re planning to buy a domain, it’s worth checking out.

Check Dynadot Domains

7. domain registrar reviews
  • Established in 2003 and it’s based in Denver, Colorado, USA
  • The domain prices are transparent and easy to understand without tricky up-sells
  • They have bulk domain purchase discounts
  • They also charge extra for whois guard protection
  • Offer cloud hosting through Digitalocean along with other hosting solutions
  • Support is provided by knowledge base, live chat, and live chat

Learn more about domain registrar

They have a great domain name, right?

It’s established in 2003 and it’s based in Denver, Colorado, USA. is one of the oldest ICANN accredited domain registrars but never really reached the top of the market.

The domain prices are transparent and easy to understand without tricky up-sells.

They also have bulk domain purchase discounts.

They also charge extra for whois guard protection.

They also offer cloud hosting through Digitalocean along with other hosting solutions.

The support is provided by knowledge base, live chat, and live chat.

Overall it’s a straightforward domain registrar and I have used it to manage a couple of my domains.

Check Domains

8. Hostinger

Hostinger domain hosting sites
  • Primarily a hosting company with domain registration service
  • 29 million-plus users & popular budget host service
  • Free domain as part of the hosting package (Refer to their terms for more details)
  • Priority chat service (extra charge) for faster support
  • Few TLDs available to choose from like .com, .net, and .org, etc
  • Reliable budget hosting solution

Learn more about Hostinger domain registrar

It is a web hosting company that is popular for affordable rates and reliable service.

It is also very popular for domain name registration.

It’s established in 2004 and it’s based in Kaunas, Kauno Apskritis, Lithuania.

It’s an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar.

They also over 29 million-plus users.

Hostinger also provides free domain as part of their hosting packages according to the plan and terms.

They also charge separately for whois protection.

They provide support through live chat and knowledge base but they provide a separate service called priority chat for faster support.

They also don’t support a lot of TLDs like other popular registrars only a few.

Overall it’s a good hosting service with affordable prices. So many members from our community have also mentioned this but I have no personal experience with it.

Check Hostinger Domains

9. Google Domains

Google domain name cheapest price
  • Domain registration service launched in 2014 by Google
  • Services such as domain registration, DNS, DNSSEC and email forwarding
  • Doesn’t have any sales pitches or upsells
  • They offer free whois protection for all their domains
  • Not the cheapest registrar available
  • It also has a one-click configuration that connects your domain with Blogger, Google Sites, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and Shopify
  • It provides 24/7 phone Google support but doesn’t have live chat.

Learn more about Google domain registrar

We all know that Google does not need any introductions.

Google tries to have a solution for most of the digital problems such as search engines, mail, etc.

One of their projects is “Google Domains” which got launched in 2014.

It feels very lightweight and it’s backed up with Google’s huge infrastructure.

There is virtually no marketing is done and no up-sells.

However, it might not be the cheapest registrar available.

Google Domains offers domain registration, DNS hosting, DNSSEC, Dynamic DNS, domain forwarding, and email forwarding.

It also offers a one-click DNS configuration that connects the domains with Blogger, Google Sites, Squarespace,, Weebly, and Shopify.

They also offer free whois protection for domains.

Google Domains supports the common top-level domains (TLDs).

They also have the most stable and straightforward domain management interface.

It provides 24/7 phone Google support but doesn’t have live chat.

Check Google Domains


internetbs best way to buy a domain
  • Established in 2003 and based in the Bahamas
  • One of the oldest and respected domain registrar
  • Domain registration, reseller plans, whois privacy, DNS hosting & email hosting
  • Domain management interface is feels quite outdated but still stable
  • Support available through email or live chat

Learn more about Internetbs domain registrar

It’s established in 2003 and it’s based in Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas.

You also get free whois protection for your domains.

Internetbs provide domain registration, reseller plans, whois privacy, DNS hosting, and email hosting.

Since it’s the oldest ICANN accredited registrar so it must have a good reputation.

Internetbs provides the most affordable TLDs than any other registrars but they lack in marketing and sales pitch.

Their domain management interface is quite outdated but still stable and well organized.

They provide support through email and live chat.

Overall it’s not the cheapest but one most stable registrar domain registrar. I have personally used it and I liked it too.

Check Internetbs Domains

11. NameBright

Namebright top level domain registrar
  • Established in 2003 and based in the Bahamas
  • Domain registration, reseller plans, whois privacy, DNS hosting & email hosting
  • Cheapest solution for some of domain TLDs.
  • Domain management interface is feels quite outdated but still stable
  • Support available through email or live chat

Learn more about NameBright domain registrar

It’s established in 2003 and it’s based in Denver, Colorado, USA.

NameBright is one of the oldest ICANN accredited domain registrars.

It’s one of the cheapest registrars because they sell at cost price for certain TLDs.

Their domain prices are transparent and easy to understand without any upsells.

They also have great bulk domain purchase discount deals.

Their domain management system is robust enough to manage 500,000 domains or more in a single account.

However, their user interface does feel outdated.

You also view whois and domain history with them.

They also provide Enterprise customers with additional features along with permissions.

They also provide API solutions to build software based on them.

They provide 24/7 support through live chat or email.

Overall it’s another great domain registrar although their UI feels outdated. I have personal experience with them and very happy with it.

Check NameBright Domains

12. Bluehost

Bluehost best domain name provider
  • Established in 2003 and based on Orem, Utah, USA
  • A web hosting company with one of the largest customer bases
  • Affordable host solutions with free domains based on plan
  • ICANN-accredited domain name registrar
  • Not the cheapest domain registering service and does not support a lot of TLDs
  • They charge extra charges for WHOIS protection.
  • Support is available through live chat and phone
  • Complaints regarding their hosting & support from our community members

Learn more about Bluehost domain registrar

It is a web hosting company that is popular for affordable host solutions.

They also have a dedicated domain registration service.

It’s established in 2003 and it’s based in Orem, Utah, USA.

It’s an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar.

They invest a lot in marketing and advertisements.

They also provide separate domain privacy protection (WHOIS) for extra charges.

Also, it’s important to note the price is not the cheapest when compared with other registrars.

They also provide free domains with select hosting plans.

The support is offered through live chat and phone.

However, there some complaints from users about hosting & support but I haven’t personally tested any of their services.

Overall it’s one of the biggest web hosting which is popular for their shared hosting but some users have a negative experience.

Check Bluehost Domains

13. Uniregistry

Uniregistry top domain provider
  • Established in 2012 and acquired by Godaddy in 2020
  • It’s ICANN accredited domain name registrar
  • They are not the cheapest but prices are reasonable against some registrars
  • They also offer discounts for bulk domain purchases
  • Charges extra for domain whois protection
  • They provide support through online chat and phone calls

Learn more about Uniregistry domain registrar

It’s established in 2012 and it’s based in Grand Cayman, Midland, Cayman Islands.

Uniregistry is acquired by Godaddy in 2020.

They offer separate domain privacy protection (WHOIS) with additional charges.

It’s an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar.

They are not the cheapest but prices are very reasonable compared with other registrars.

They also offer additional discounts for bulk domain purchases.

Unlike other domain registrars, they only focus on domain registration and do not offer any web hosting services.

They offer support through online chat and phone calls.

Overall it’s another good register but not the cheapest and brand of Godaddy. I bought several US domains through and the experience was good.

Check Uniregistry Domains

14. Epik

Epik new domain registar
  • Established in 2009 and based on Sammamish, Washington, USA
  • It’s ICANN accredited domain name registrar
  • Minimalist registrar which offers domain and web hosting services
  • Free whois protection for domains
  • Largest domain name lease management provider
  • Support is available through email, phone, and chat.

Learn more about Epik domain registrar

Epik is a fully accredited ICANN domain name registrar based in Sammamish, Washington, USA.

Epik was founded in 2009.

Epik is a minimalist registrar offering domain and web-hosting services.

They also provide free whois protection and easy-to-use domain management tools through their website.

Epik is also the largest domain name lease management provider in the world.

You can also park your domains and receive a 100% daily payout of your parking income.

They also offer a wide range of web hosting plans, from shared hosting to dedicated servers.

For support, they have email, phone, and chat support available 24/7.

Overall, I don’t have personal experience, but community members’ feedback looks like another top domain registrar to keep an eye on.

Check Epik Domains

How to choose domain registrar

ICANN Approved

The ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is a non-profit corporation that manages the internet’s system of domain names and addresses.

A domain registrar is a company that allows you to register and manage your domain. This is done through their website.

A domain registrar’s website will provide the necessary tools you need for registering as well as managing your domains, including links for renewals and transfers.

It is important to know if a company has official accreditation with ICANN, though, which means the Registrar has met specific requirements set by ICANN to provide reliable & secure service.

A domain registrar who is not ICANN authorized generally means they are more willing to take risks to save costs.

This can mean the service isn’t as reliable, so it’s generally best to avoid them.

Reputation & Trust

The reputation of the domain registrar is important to assess.

The best domain name registrar is the one that will reserve your desired domain name, and allow you to take advantage of all of its features without hidden fees or poor support.

There are many domain registrars out there, but not all of them are created equal.

So listen to what existing or past customers say about each registrar before you choose one.

This may mean the difference between choosing the best domain name registrar or choosing a bad one.

You need to consider this in three levels such as


This true since some domain registrar will employ unethical practices to squeeze as much cash as possible out of their customers.


Look for a domain registrar that has decent customer support.

It’s important to be able to reach someone if you face a problem, especially when you’re setting up and managing your domain.

Since there are so many good domain registrars out there, it would be worth your while to check past customer reviews before deciding which one to use.

Ethical & Business Practices

A good domain name registrar is transparent, friendly & cares for its customers.

A dishonest domain registrar will take advantage of their customers and not be forthright about hidden fees or other bad business practices which can come in any form.

See if the company has any bad history.

Check out both the Better Business Bureau, and online forums, for negative information regarding a company’s practices & policies from unbiased stakeholders.

Domain Prices

The price of a domain varies from registrar to registrar, so it’s important to compare the available options before you buy.

The price of registration is not the only thing that matters in your decision on what domain registrar will be best for you.

There are other rates that must be taken into account: renewal fees, transfer fees, and any additional charges that may be incurred during or after your purchase.

So keep an eye on hidden charges or up-sells which can end up making your domain registration an expensive purchase.

Often you can find the best prices by doing a little shopping around, and comparing services by adding domain into the checkout where they will display the final price.

WHOIS Privacy Protection

WHOIS refers to your domain name registrar’s practice of assigning WHOIS codes to your domain name.

The WHOIS codes are then used primarily in online services that allow people to find out information about your internet domain.

You can use WHOIS to hide:

  • Personal information: you may not want to reveal your name and address if you have a website for a business that is just getting off the ground.
  • E-mail address: in case of spam issues, it can be an easy way to get around giving out personal information.
  • Phone number: this is used by telemarketers, and therefore can be protected under privacy laws.
  • and others.

WHOIS protection allows the end-user control of their personal data.

SO, once you register a domain, you can review the WHOIS code for that domain to ensure it contains valid and accurate data, especially if it is related to your business or personal use.

This guarantee allows you to remove any unnecessary entries from the data while still maintaining privacy and security.

Some domain registrars offer this service for free or at extra cost.

Domain Transfer Fees & Restrictions

Transfer fees mean any fees or charges by which you may have to pay to transfer your domain in case you want to go to a different registrar.

This is usually related to using other company’s services.

Since these companies are likely to get paid when you want to move your names and domains, their transfer fees and policies are very important.

It’s always a good idea to check what fees are involved with transferring your domain name.

Some Registrars charge an “auth” fee which is similar to a transfer fee, except it is paid before the transfer begins and not after.

Transfer restrictions usually refer to limitations on moving domains between service providers, so if there is no restriction it usually means that the domain can be transferred freely at any time.

Also most domain registrar will domain transfer lock within 60 days of initial registration or 60 days of a previous transfer.

So make sure you’re well aware of how any transfer fees and restrictions apply to the domain registrar you choose.

Domain Push

Domain push means moving a domain from one account to a different account within the same registrar.

It means that you are transferring ownership of the domain name without leaving the registrar.

So it’s always a good idea to check your chosen registrar for rules and restrictions on domain push too.

Grace Period & Expiration Policy

Domain registrations are not permanent and they will expire if you do not renew after the expiration period.

Grace Period means you have a grace period after expiring to get your renewal done without losing the domain.

This is usually differs based on each domain registrar.

Also, it’s always good to check the policy regarding how long you have once your domain name has expired before it becomes available for public registration again.

Most domain registrars will give you an auto-renew service, which will pay your renewal fees for you automatically.

This is important because if your domain registrar does not have a grace period or you fail to renew your domain within the grace period then you can permanently lose your domain.

It can be bought by another person.

My advice is to keep auto-renewal turn with active funding source on for your important domains or registrar for bulk years such as 5 to 10 years.

Available TLDs

TLD means Top-Level Domains, and as you probably can guess it refers to the different domain extensions (or endings) that might be available for your use.

So if you want a .com, domain name, then you need a .com TLD (top-level domain). If you want a .net extension, then you need a .net TLD.

As of June 2020, there are 1,514 top-level domains (TLDs) currently in use according to ICANN.

There are different types of TLDs such as ccTLD (country code TLD), gTLDs (generic top-level domain), and more.

Some TLDs such as .gov and .edu are reserved for government and educational institutions and you need to show proof of being associated with those institutions to register these TLDs.

This is to prevent spam and fraud issues.

Country-specific TLDs such as .in .uk and more are desirable for people who want to be associated with a country, so they can register the appropriate country-specific domain extension.

It may require separate verification depending on each country if you want to register for these domain extensions.

Not all domain registrars will support all TLDs, so make sure you check if you can register your domain with any of the available country TLD extensions with the one you have chosen.


Support is important because you may need help at some point about anything related to the domain name.

Support is needed in case of issues such as adding an SSL certificate, domain transfer problems, up-sells or down-sells, domain issues such as expiring domains, or others.

Some registrars offer free support and some charge for various types of tech and specific issues or depending on the priority level.

Most of the support will available through channels such as e-mail, online chat, phone or ticket forms, knowledge, forums, and more.

However it’s different from registrar to registrar, so make sure to check each one.

Also, note having 24/7 support can be important since it means the registrar can help you with your support issues whenever they happen and not just when the office is open.

Also, make sure to check current and past customer’s experience with support quality.

Sometimes you can get the best service but you will need to wait for a long time to get your issue resolved or even never get it resolved.

In some cases, customers will need to wait for a long time and in the end, they will not be able to get their issues fixed.

Also, you need to check on the competence level of the support team to help you on the issue.

So always check reviews and experiences from current or past users, any available user forums such as our community, and any other way you can find people’s experience with this particular registrar.

Bundle and Freebies

You can try to keep a lookout for bundle deals and other freebies such as free Whois Privacy or SSL certificate which is very common nowadays.

The registrar will have their own terms and conditions and you need to check that before you can use the freebies or deals.

Some hosting will also give you a free domain name for registering and some will not depend on the plan you choose.

It’s always worth comparing that and see which registrars are offering these types of deals and which ones are not.

However, make sure to check this deal is genuine and not just a bait to get your business.

Bulk Domain Purchase Discounts

Bulk discounts mean you can get multiple domain names at a lower price.

It’s not the same as saving money when you buying 1 domain name with a registrar, instead, you’re getting discounted for registering bulk domains.

Some registrars offer these types of discounts, but this will depend on the number of domain names you want to register at once and also depending on the criteria set by the domain registrar.

This is an easy way to save a few bucks and you can get more domains at a cheaper cost.

User-Friendly Domain Management Portal

Domain management portal means the type of interface you have to use on your registrar or web control panel.

Some registrars have very simple and extremely easy-to-use domain management portals.

A good domain management portal is important so that you can perform various tasks such as domain name search, registration, transfer, renewal, and more.

It’s always handy if the UI is user-friendly with features such as; quick domain search, filters to manage your domains such as expiring domains or available domains.

You will need to use these features frequently because you want to keep your domains working and managed properly.

So make sure to check the usability of this feature before you decide on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a domain name?

A domain name is an internet address that identifies your website.

A domain can contain characters i.e. a mixture of numbers, letters, hyphens, and dot, and no special characters are allowed in domain name apart from hyphen (hyphen) but at the end.

A domain name is used to find the website by search engines and it is unique, it cannot be duplicated or impersonated.

For example domain name of our site is

What is a TLD?

TLD means Top Level Domain, and it’s a category of domain names that is controlled by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

It’s the part of a domain name (the letters after the last dot) that’s at the very top level.

The most well-known TLDs are .com.

However, there are plenty of other TLDs – .org, .net, .biz, and many more.

Why do i need a domain name?

You need to register your domain name because it’s a key component of your website.

When you register your domain name, you are declaring that you own the domain name and it has become part of the DNS system.

Domain Name System (DNS) is a system used for finding computer services or information on the Internet by using a unique type of name.

So once you registered your domain name it will create a unique record in DNS space that will point to your web hosting.

What is a domain registrar?

Domain registrar is the company that manages domains on behalf of the customer.

Domain registrars will help you to register, renew, transfer and manage your domain names.

Registrars do not own domains but rather manage them for their customers.

What is an ICANN accredited domain registrar?

ICANN accredited domain registrar means domain registrars that are accredited by ICANN organization, the organization that manages the international domain name system.

To be ICANN accredited registrar, the domain registrar must adhere to the terms and conditions of this accreditation.

ICANN terms and conditions include maintaining a high level of the quality of services, protection of customer privacy, keeping the registry clean by protecting from cyber-squatting, and more.

What’s the difference between a domain registrar and a web hosting?

A hosting company helps you to host your website content files and you can use their server space. Domain registrars reserve the domain name which you registered and point that domain name to your chosen hosting.

You can register a domain name with a hosting company or registrar but it does not matter whichever way you choose. It is up to you to decide.

How long do domain names last?

A domain name is valid for a specific time and it will expire after that time.

The length of each domain name is different depending on the extension you have chosen such as; .com, .net, .org, etc. For example, a .com domain name is valid for 10 years.

Who owns a domain name?

You don’t own a domain name.

You get to register the right to use the domain name for a period.

For that privilege, you pay a registrar, who updates all the records and makes sure your name is unique.

During the time for which you control the name, you can sell that control to someone willing to pay you.

Top-level domain names are leased from the organization that runs the DNS.

So simply you pay a yearly fee to maintain control of that domain name.

So long as you pay your yearly fee you ‘own’ the domain name, and have certain rights to it.

How much does a domain name cost?

The domain name will cost you a different price depending on the extension of your choice and registrar.

The price can range from $0 to $10,000 and above depends on the extension or registrar you choose.

There also can be extra charges for domain privacy i.e. to hide your personal information.

The price varies based on the registrar you choose and some offer discounts with the bulk purchase or long terms to save money.

Some premium domains are also sold in the auction and can cost you a fortune.

Can you change a domain registrar once registered?

Yes, you can, you can transfer your domain name from one registrar to another.

You have to contact your current registrar and check their policies and process.

You may be charged for transferring the domain name to another registrar.

What is the difference between org and com TLD?

Org and com TLD both are top-level domains, org TLD is used mainly for non-profit organizations or community purposes.

For example, if you want to donate money to someone who is sick then you can donate via an organization that offers such a service.

For example .com is used for commercial purposes and the most popular TLD on the market.

Why buy domains from Namecheap?

Namecheap has become one of the most trusted and reliable domain registrars in the world. They offer great prices and come with several features to help manage your domain name properly.

You get free WHOIS protection, great customer support, uptime guarantee, privacy options which are important for those who are selling products online or want to build an online brand.

Who is the best domain registrar? Namecheap or GoDaddy?

Namecheap and GoDaddy domain registrar is similar in some ways and completely different in others.

Namecheap has more features and flexibility for their customers, they also provide great support when needed.

Their prices are also cheaper than GoDaddy.

What is the best domain name registrar?

Namecheap is the best domain name registrar based on our survey. They consider customer support as a top priority and they meet the needs of each customer.

They give you great prices, flexibility, and features for free that help you manage your domain names properly and avoid any unwanted situations.

Does it matter where you buy your domain name?

Choosing the right domain registrar is important to ensure that the company that registers the domain name is trustworthy and will provide a great service.

You should ask around before making a decision.

Can you permanently buy a domain name?

You can’t buy a domain name permanently, it will expire after a set period and you will have to renew it.

How long does it take to register a domain name?

It depends on the type of domain name, registrar, and extension.

The process usually takes between instant to 72 hours, depends on several factors.

What if the domain name I want is taken?

There are millions of domain name extensions and you are likely to find a domain name available but if the domain name of your choice is already owned by someone else, then you will have to find a new one or try to talk to the owner and see if it’s possible to buy from them.

Some domain registrar also provides additional services on this and also some domain registrar will also have domain sales market to sell already registered or expiring domains.

Can you buy a domain name without hosting?

You can buy a domain name without hosting, it is like buying a car without an engine.

Where you will have access to the name but you will need to connect to web hosting to show your website files.

How do you check domain name availability status?

You can check whether a domain name is available through many free tools available online.

Just go to google and search for “domain availability checker” or “domain finder”.

Many domain registrars offer services that will automatically check if the domain name is available.

There are also bulk domains availability checkers where you can check hundreds of domains at one time.

How do I prove ownership of a domain name?

You prove ownership of the domain name buying creates a text file within the website, adding text record in DNS, or showing the backed access from the domain registrar.

How to choose the good domain name for my business?

A best domain name is something that is short, easy to type, reflects your brand, reflects your purpose, and remembers spelling so it will be easier for your customers to find.

There will be a lot more factors and I will cover these in a separate guide but that’s the overall summary of it.

My domain name has expired what do I do?

Domain names are issued a certain amount of time when they are created.

After that expires, you will renew it through the same company you registered.

If you fail to renew your domain name before it expires, it will be deleted.

And another person can register it to their name.

Or, if the registrar has a grace period for expired domain names, you can renew it even after expiry within a certain time period.

Domain name backorder how does it work?

When you register a domain name, there can be other people who also want to register the same domain names as you.

This is where ” backorder” comes into play.

They can put in backorder, and when it’s available for registration, it will be automatically registered to your account if no one else reserves it before they do.

What is the difference between a URL and a domain name?

A domain name is the title of a website, while url is the actual address.

For example, let’s say you own a clothing store located at 123 Main Street. Your business title would be “Main Street Clothing Store”, while your address is the URL.

A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) refers to the web address of any page or site on the internet. That includes your domain name, which is just one section of your overall URL.

How long should a domain name be?

You can choose any length of the domain name.

However, shorter is better than longer.

A good rule of thumb is to use something that your customers can easily remember.

Many people like to use meaningful words with fewer syllables.

For SEO purposes: Basically, you want your domain name to be understandable for customers and something that people can remember easily.

How does a domain name system work?

A domain name system is what makes it possible to translate a URL into an IP address and vice versa.

Information about domain names is stored in the form of databases on servers around the world.

Every time you want to visit a website, your web browser contacts one of these servers, which returns your requested webpage along with its corresponding IP address (which is like your computer’s mailing address).

As requests are made for each page within site, similar actions occur.

Each successive request may result in another server being contacted until, eventually, all pages comprising the complete site have been retrieved by the browser.

When you enter a URL into your browser, such as, that particular URL will be turned into an IP address before being passed along to the DNS server for resolution.

The result is that your browser and the website you are visiting will communicate with each other using IP addresses instead of URLs, which makes things a lot easier for everyone involved.

How do I find the owner of a domain name?

You can find the owner of a domain name on the whois database.

There are many free whois services available online.

First, you need to know the domain name. Just type it in your browser address bar and hit the enter key.

Then a list of owner information will be shown if available on that domain.

It will show all the available information.

However, it can be more difficult to find information on the person who owns a domain name due to domain privacy protection.

You may need to do some homework and use web-based services or public records to find contact information for the domain name owner.

For instance, in this case, you can use any public records directory or search engine to look up the name and address of the corporation that owns the domain.

You can also use other means of public record searches that may allow you to find other types of personal connections too.


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