Ultrahuman App Review – Fitness, Meditate, & Productivity For Business Owners

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You want to improve your health and fitness, but you don’t know where to start.

You are overwhelmed by the number of apps and programs that claim to help you achieve your goals, but you don’t know which ones are effective and reliable.

Most fitness apps are either too generic or too complicated. They don’t offer personalized guidance, feedback, or support. They don’t track your progress or adjust to your needs.

They don’t motivate you or inspire you. They don’t help you with other aspects of wellness, such as sleep, meditation, and nutrition.

Ultrahuman is a different kind of fitness app. It is a one-stop destination for all your workout-related needs, from yoga and meditation to metabolic fitness and blood glucose monitoring.

It is designed by experts and backed by science. It is easy to use and fun to follow. It is compatible with your devices and integrates with Apple HealthKit. It is the ultimate app for becoming an ultrahuman.

In this Ultrahuman app review we will take in-depth look into it.


Ultrahuman mobile app review

Fitness, meditation, and productivity are all important aspects of a healthy lifestyle, but it’s challenging to have the motivation to work out regularly, meditate daily, and stay productive.

The Ultrahuman app makes it easy for you to do all three!

Ultrahuman is the perfect app for people who want to improve their health.

With its cutting-edge science and art-driven workouts, Yoga, meditation & bedtime stories, Ultrahuman can help beginners and advanced practitioners alike achieve their fitness goals.

The app has wonderfully simple features that can help you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle!

Ultrahuman App Highlights

Their unique selling point is content from elite experts and beautifully designed workout plans, yoga practices, meditations & bedtime stories.

Some of the home workouts and yoga programs include:

Home Body Workout by David Morin

World-famous fitness trainer and the founder of FLO2. David has been featured on 40+ fitness magazine covers as a fitness model.

He has designed great home body workouts that are perfect for beginners!

The workout is simple but effective and can help you get in shape quickly and easily.

Body Transformation by Kris Gethin

Kris is an internationally renowned celebrity trainer, physique transformation specialist and businessman who uses tested methods for mind-body fitness.

His programs are based on solid scientific research, and it has helped thousands of people get in shape.

Flow with Ashtanga by Laruga Glaser

Ashtanga is a challenging and energetic style of Yoga that can improve your stamina, flexibility, and strength.

Laruga Glaser has been an Ashtanga yoga practitioner for over 24 years and is the director of Yogayama in Stockholm, imparting her knowledge to thousands of people.

Her flow with the Ashtanga program takes you through the poses step-by-step so that you can master this challenging practice.

Sound Meditation by Avery Whitmore

Avery Whitmore is a transformative sound meditation expert.

Her guided meditation sessions use various techniques such as breathing exercises, muscle awareness & visualization, and mantra chanting to help you gain the clarity of mind necessary for an active lifestyle.

Align With Yoga by Bharath Shetty

Yoga, when practised regularly, can improve your strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance.

Bharath Shetty, a Yogacharya with 21 years of Yoga experience, has trained over 1500 teachers from over 80 countries.

He started his first training under the supervision of Yogacharya Kumara in Shantivana Trust, a Yoga & Naturopathy Center.

To spread the benefits of Yoga to the world, he decided to become a professional Yoga teacher.

He underwent training with Padma Bhushan B K S Iyengar himself in this pursuit, and it gave him deep insight into the Iyengar Brand of Yoga.

Why Do I Use It?

As an ultra-busy digital entrepreneur, my day starts early and finishes late. I’m incredibly passionate about personal growth but leading a healthy lifestyle is tough!

An app like the Ultrahuman app is my go-to for fitness because it gives me the tools to manage my health while I’m on the go and helps me work out from home for my mind and body.

How to Install & Set Up the Ultrahuman App?

You’ll need to download the free app on either App Store for Apple devices or Google Play for Android.

Then, you can set up your profile by answering a few questions about yourself and your fitness goals.

What I love most about Ultrahuman because it uses the questions to determine what types of exercise I should be doing.

This is important because one type of workout is not meant for everyone!

Ultrahuman App Discount Code

There is excellent news for new users who are just signing up!

You can now get this app for a one-time price instead of the regular recurring price.

To get the deal go to this link: Ultrahuman app discount deal.

Ultrahuman App Home Screen

After you sign up, the Ultrahuman app will be your home screen!

You can explore how to work out by checking out different workouts or digging into Yoga & meditation.

The features are laid out in a way that makes it easy for you to find what you’re looking for and build a workout routine.

You will also see content from workouts, Yoga, meditation & bedtime stories as you scroll down your home screen.

I like the content because it inspires me and helps me stay focused on my goals!

Stories also help take my mind off work and forget about all the things stressing me out. And I love it!

Content can be video, audio, series or one-off content.

Bookmark and History Feature

Bookmarks and history

The one thing I use most is my bookmark and history feature, and I can quickly access anything I’ve ever watched or listened to again anytime.

History also helps me track my progress.

For example, I can see how many days in a row I’ve meditated or the number of workouts I’ve done.

Count Daily Steps & Goals

Daily steps for health monitoring

One of Ultrahuman’s best features is its ability to help me track my daily steps.

And not just passively but through daily goals!

Every morning, I’ll check the Ultrahuman app and see how many steps I need to reach my goal for the day.

Each evening, I can also see how many more steps are required.

I love this feature because it helps me be more active throughout the day! It’s like a bit of a reminder to walk around and keep your body moving.

It connects with Google Fit to track your daily steps through health tracking devices.

Content Available in Ultrahuman App

The Ultrahuman app has four kinds of content, including workouts, yoga, meditation & bedtime stories.

Workouts are designed for beginners and advanced practitioners.

You can focus on your cardio or strengthen your core muscles by adjusting the intensity.

Yoga is perfect for people who want to relieve stress and manage their health through a workout!

Meditation is designed to help you see how meditation can help your mind and body.

Lastly, bedtime stories are thought-provoking stories that give your mind some time to relax and forget about stress.

It’s like you’re an expert at everything because you learn something new every day!

Ultrahuman Pros

  • The app provides premium content from experts on workouts to Yoga to meditation & bedtime stories.
  • Good collection of content for beginners and advanced practitioners.
  • Email notifications are sent out occasionally to give updates on new content.
  • App has an excellent user interface that is easy to navigate and use.

Ultrahuman Cons

  • There is a slight delay in playing audio/ video content while loading the app.
  • Inaccuracy in counting steps via Google Fit.
  • It’d be nice to have a feature to connect with health tracking devices and track other metrics such as sleep and water intake.
  • You will need to subscribe for premium content after your free trial expires.
  • Does not include a diet plan or nutrition guide.
  • Premium content is available only in-app and not on the web.
  • There is no social media or community to share insights with other users.
  • The app only supports English language content at the moment.


What type of content is available in the Ultrahuman app?

The Ultrahuman app has four kinds of content, including workouts, yoga, meditation & bedtime stories.

Who is the target audience for the Ultrahuman app?

The Ultrahuman app is perfect for people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle with cutting-edge technology.

How does the Ultrahuman app help you stay fit and healthy?

It is a mobile app that helps you improve your health, and it offers tools designed for both beginners and advanced practitioners. The platform combines cutting-edge science and art for our workouts, yoga, meditation & bedtime stories, which is driven by knowledge and experience.

Can the Ultrahuman app connect to Google Fit?

Yes, it can. You need to set up Google Fit as a fitness data source, and Ultrahuman will automatically import the steps from Google Fit.

Can we access content on the Ultrahuman app without using any premium features?

No, you will need to subscribe for premium content after your free trial expires.

Does the app have a community?

There is no social media or community to share insights with other users.

Does the Ultrahuman app be available in languages other than English?

The app only supports English language content at the moment.

Is the Ultrahuman app is free?

No, you will need to subscribe to premium content to access all the content.


The Ultrahuman app is designed for people who want to stay fit, meditate, and be productive.

The app has wonderfully simple features that can help you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle!

Even there are some cons and challenges; the app has a lot of positive features that make up for it.

Overall, I think the Ultrahuman app is a great way to stay fit, meditate & be productive! It’s packed with features that are easy to use and implement in your daily life.

It’ll even help you be more active throughout the day!

Ultrahuman app is available on Google Play and the App Store.

I hope this Ultrahuman app review was helpful! Share your thoughts & what kinds of apps you’d like to see below in the comments.

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