Melon App Live Streaming Review – Restream & StreamYard Alternative Lifetime Deal

What is it? – Melon is a free live streaming app used by top creators, podcasters, churches & more. Multistream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch & LinkedIn with ease. If so, then the Melon App is the perfect solution for you! It offers high-quality live streaming services, with a secure and reliable connection so that you … Read more

Ruttl Event – Website Feedback Tool with Siddhita and Harsh

In this event in Bring Again and Alston’s Group we would be speaking to the Founders of Ruttl.com, Siddhita and Harsh. Ruttl is a website feedback tool that helps you to comment directly on live links and make real time edits. Ruttl is the fastest website feedback tool that allows you to leave comments on … Read more

Pagenudge Review & Event – Video Marketing Tool With Brad Fitzgerald

In this event in Bring Again and Alston’s Group we would be speaking to the Founder of Pagenudge.com, Brad Fitzgerald PageNudge is an interactive video tool to convert website visitors through call-to-actions. Simply record or upload a video and embed it on any page. Then, track the performance of each video nudge to optimize for … Read more

Prelo.io – Lead Generation Simplified with Olu Adedeji

Prelo collects data from multiple channels and uses it to build highly curated lists of c-suite contacts to connect with every week Check it Out Affiliate Disclosure: You can click on any links to check it out, but if you click on the affiliate link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission … Read more

Noysi Review Event – Intelligent Communication Services Platform

In this event in Bring Again and Alston’s Group we would be speaking to The Operation Manager of Noysi.com, Álvaro Diez de Rivera. Noysi unifies the tools needed to increase efficiency in companies In Noysi, you can organize your company into teams, departments, or projects. Communicating by open channels, 1 to 1 messages, and private … Read more

Solid Affiliate Review (2023) – WordPress Affiliate Plugin For WooCommerce

What is it? – Solid Affiliate is a Premium WordPress plugin that makes it easy to build an affiliate program for any WooCommerce store. Sync Solid Affiliate with PayPal, Mailchimp, and other integrations. If you are looking for a WordPress plugin that can help you create and manage affiliate programs for your WooCommerce store. You … Read more

Pirsonal Event – Interactive Video for Personalization – Josías De La Espada

In this event in Bring Again and Alston’s Group we would be speaking to the Founder of Pirsonal.com, Josías De La Espada. Pirsonal helps you automate and scale customer engagement with personalized videos, interactive videos, and dynamic landing pages so that your customers react. All this with just one flexible software. Check it Out Affiliate … Read more

FYI.to Review – Content Curation Smart Pages Demo, Pros & Cons

In this video, we will look at FYI.to review, which is content curation platform to build card based smart list pages. Table of Contents 00:00 Introduction 01:09 FYI.to lifetime deal 01:40 Smartlist examples & use cases 05:20 Create a smart list 07:50 Customizing smart list (Permalink, Title, Description, Cover image, Color & Media Link) 09:02 … Read more