Top 11 Latest SEO Trends in 2022 for SERP Ranking

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Top 11 Latest SEO Trends in 2022 for SERP Ranking

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latest seo trends

The SEO industry is growing rapidly.

Every year, new SEO trends emerge, which you should be aware of.

This year, in 2022, we expect interesting trends in SEO.

Here are the most important ones which every SEO marketer should know.

Google Search Engine is Still The King

This is one SEO trend that has not changed for more than a decade.

Google has over 92% of the search engine market share.

SEO market share chart
Credit: – SEO search engine market share

Therefore, your primary SEO strategy should be to optimize for Google.

In addition, include Bing & Yahoo in your marketing plan as well.

TIP: Also, Bing is the default search engine on Windows devices & windows operating systems, and not Google.

User Experience & Search Intent is The Key

User experience and search intent

These two factors should have been at the forefront of our SEO strategy.

We need to design websites that are user-friendly and optimize for SEO.

Search volume is important but search intent is much more important.

A higher search volume keyword with poor search intent converts much less than a targetted keyword with low search volume.

For instance, a keyword such as “Digital Marketing” can mean anything in contrast to a keyword such as “Search Engine Optimization for Local Businesses” that is much more focused on understanding the searcher’s intent behind the query.

So as new SEO trend perform SEO from a logical point of view compared to factual.

Mobile First SEO is Vital

Mobile first seo takes the center stage.

Mobile device searches have grown very rapidly during the last decade.

Particularly last year and this year where more and more people started using mobile for various reasons due to COIVID.

There are more searches on mobile than desktop.

Even Google Search Console recommends mobile first indexing for added sites.

Local SEO market has become increasingly mobile-influenced, with more than 76% of searchers visiting businesses & 28% of them purchasing from them.

If you have optimized mobile SEO, you are more likely to rank on top for dynamic keywords such as “near me” or “top”.

For example: “Best digital marketing agency near me”

AI Will Play Bigger Role – For & Against

Ai for SEO trend

This is a cool trend that’s been around for a while.

However, previously it used more in theory, logical functions, and if statements than real AI solutions.

Now big search engines have integrated this into their algorithms and guidelines.

Google’s algorithm is getting more and more sophisticated with models such as Discover, BERT, RankBrain and more.

It’s also available to digital marketers for use AI components as a part of our SEO efforts.

Artificial intelligence is now used in various processes such as content marketing (Open AI), keyword research, link building, and more.

So it’s like the Terminator movie where it’s literally humans vs. robots and I love it. 🙂

First Position is No Longer The First & Zero Click Results

First seo position for organic results

Even if you’re in No.1 position in the search result using quality content & backlinks it doesn’t mean you get the most visibility.

Organic first position does not necessarily mean that your website has the biggest visibility in SERP listing page.

There are 2 factors affecting this:

1. Google

They aim to improve user’s experience and also to increase profit by keeping the user on search page or visiting search ads associated with paid listings.

They showcase their properties long before organic results show up.

Some examples include:

  • PPC Ads
  • Featured Snippets
  • Knowledge Graph
  • People Also Ask Section
  • Google Business Profiles Pack
  • Carousel Items
  • Google Shopping
  • and more.

2. Users

I like to refer to this as Zero click search results.

When searchers don’t have to visit a ranking page to complete their search.

Some examples include:

Search SERP page shows the answer for their query. (Eg: “Capital of Sri Lanka”)

The additional features offered by the search engines to help the consumers. (Example: A person looking to purchase drone is shown products from Google shopping)

and more.

It is important to remember that even though you rank on the first spot on a search engine organically, there are still a lot more factors that affect your visibility.

Voice Search is The New Trend

Voice search trends

Voice search is one of the biggest seo trends to emerge.

It no longer requires visual interaction and you can perform search queries using your voice from mobile, tablets, personal assistant devices and more.

Examples include Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa.

You can use your voice to find something and if it can’t it will search the search engine results page.

By 2022, voice-based shopping is expected to grow to $40 billion.

It is also worth noting that 55% of teens use voice search every day, and the top 3 common words are “how”, “what” and “best,” which are information and shopping searches.

Video SEO is Not Going Anywhere

Video marketing for SEO.

Any SEO expert will tell you that videos are good for SEO and user experience.

YouTube, which is the world’s largest video platform, is owned by Google.

Videos are watched by millions of people every day.

Youtube videos not only bring views but also help in Google rankings.

Due to this, it continues to be one of the most influential ranking factor trends.

86% of businesses say that they use video as a successful marketing tool.

Long Form Content For The Win

Content marketing board which shows the importance for SEO.

It’s one of the oldest SEO trends that is still valid today.

“Content marketing for search rankings”.

Search algorithms use content to evaluate your SEO efforts.

In other words, the content should be easy to read, and provide in-depth information about the topic to help users and SEO algorithms.

Follow Google’s EAT guidelines when writing content – Expertise, Authority & Trustworthiness.

Long-form content definitely has a significant ranking factor as YouTube, but don’t sacrifice user experience for it.

When writing make sure that article is:

  • Easily readable
  • Easy to follow
  • Use media, such as images, videos, and graphs, when relevant
  • Use HTML formatting to easily construct and style your article

Semantic Search & Structured Data is a Must

A girl show data regarding structured data.

It is an advanced search engine optimization strategy where we markup our content in order for SEO crawlers and algorithms to understand it more easily.

Schema markup can be easily created with either free SEO plugins or free schema generators.

Schemas provide contextual meaning for search by logically defining relationships within your content, website and niche.

There are many structured data formats, including article, review, local business, rich snippet, and more which you can make use of.

So be sure to take advantage of these to attract more long tail keywords and to satisfy search algorithm guidelines.

Google My Business is Must For Local Search

A girl is happy about local shopping

Google search has two distinct versions: international search and local search.

GMB profiles are Google’s way for local businesses to list their business as a property on their SERP listings.

Google My Business profiles are must for local SEO, business packs, and ranking on Google maps.

Local searches such as “Where to buy” and “near me” have grown over 200% since 2017.

Businesses can also take advantage of Google business profiles by sharing business details, schedules, insights, busy times, reviews, questions, updates, bookings, images, social media links, and more.

Therefore, optimizing GMB profile will provide additional benefits and this SEO trend which will continue for next years as well.

eCommerce & COVID-19 Impact

A guy holding shield to represent covid

COVID-19 is changing the way we live and how we shop.

This has caused a surge in organic traffic and in search query.

As a result, we are seeing a brand new digital seo trend where more businesses are digitally transforming.

Digital marketing will inspire recovery among local businesses. The SEO strategy will provide them with relevant organic traffic.

Final Words

There are many more SEO trends such as image SEO, backlink, influencers and more, but in this guide I have explained the most important ones that I believe every digital marketer should focus on.

As the next step, I suggest you enroll in our free SEO course where I teach all these trends and more freely as a way of helping digital entrepreneurs.

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