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scalenut review

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Scalenut review for writing blog posts and articles, how to do full content SEO research with NLP data & how to use Scalenut AI copywriter.

Scaleut review

What is it? – Content intelligence SaaS platform that helps you discover and create the most relevant content for your customers. It uses deep learning and AI to create the best content possible.


  • It uses deep learning and AI to create the best content possible.
  • It has many templates to choose from for different types of content.
  • It has a cruise mode feature that allows you to create long-form content effortlessly.
  • It has a strong SEO component that helps you optimize your content for ranking and keywords.
  • It has a chrome extension that enables powerful writing in your browser across applications.


  • It may not be able to handle complex or technical topics well.
  • Very strong competitors.

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Writing high-quality content for your website or blog can be challenging and time-consuming.

You need to do keyword research, optimize your content for SEO, come up with engaging headlines and subheadings, and write in a clear and compelling way that attracts and converts your audience.

If you struggle with writing content, you may end up wasting a lot of time and money on hiring freelancers, agencies, or tools that may not deliver the results you want.

You may also miss out on valuable traffic, leads, and sales that could have been generated by your content.

That’s why you need Scalenut, an AI-powered platform that helps you create SEO-optimized content in minutes.

Scalenut is more than just an AI writing assistant. It also provides you with a network of vetted freelance writers who can help you with any type of content you need.

Whether you need blog posts, landing pages, product descriptions, social media posts, or any other type of content, Scalenut can help you get it done fast and easy.

In this Scalenut review, we will show you how Scalenut works, what features it offers, how much it costs, and why it is the best solution for your content needs in 2023.

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Video Review

Scalenut Review: SEO Content Research & AI Writing Software in 2022
  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:36 Scalenut App Overview
  • 01:21 SEO Assistant
  • 02:09 SEO Content Research Report
  • 02:29 Top Page Statistics
  • 03:24 NLP Terms for SEO
  • 05:35 Competiton Data
  • 06:50 Themes (Realted Keywords)
  • 07:08 Questions for Content
  • 08:04 Citations (Authority URLS)
  • 08:57 Share Report with ready-only access or edit access
  • 09:51 Content Editor
  • 10:13 HTML Formating
  • 10:18 Export, undo, redo and import blog post
  • 10:54 NLP Terms for writing
  • 11:27 Competitor outlines for writing
  • 12:27 Questions list for writing
  • 12:50 Content grade, word count & readability
  • 13:16 AI Writing Templates
  • 13:36 Writing meta description with AI
  • 15:01 Writing an introduction pargraph with AI
  • 16:19 AI Operators
  • 16:36 Generate questions with AI
  • 17:52 Generate topics with AI
  • 18:16 Outline, summarize and conclude content
  • 18:31 AI connectors (Words to to help AI write accurately)
  • 20:41 Write with AI (Long Form Article without context)
  • 23:53 Write outline about the content with AI
  • 24:22 Summarize content with AI
  • 24:45 Conclude the content with AI
  • 26:47 Rewrite with AI
  • 27:08 Select and write with AI (Popup)
  • 28:14 Conclusion to SEO Assistant and Long Form Writer
  • 29:22 AI Copywriter
  • 29:53 Generate Blog Intro with AI Copywriter
  • 31:31 Generate Social Media Posts with AI Copywriter
  • 32:32 Favorite outputs and check saved histroy
  • 32:50 Managed Marketplace
  • 34:09 Conclusion

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How to Use Scalenut?

Scalenut is a powerful AI-driven platform that helps you with your content strategy, content creation, and optimization. Here are the steps to use Scalenut effectively:

Step 1: Plan

To get started, you need to create a plan for your niche. Scalenut can provide you with the entire keyword plan that you need to build topical authority with content strategies and keyword clusters.

You can use the 1-click content plan and AI-powered topic clusters to generate multiple blog ideas.

Step 2: Research

Once you have your plan in place, it’s time to uncover insights and build a strategy that works. Scalenut can help you with competition analysis, NLP key terms, outlines, and social listening.

This will enable you to get all the insights and semantic key terms you need to outpace your competition.

Step 3: Create

With Scalenut, you can write SEO content that ranks. The platform offers AI-guided writing, NLP optimization, and real-time optimization to fine-tune your long-form content creation.

You can use the 5-min SEO blog writer, AI that reads the latest information, SERP statistics, and real-time optimization to create content that performs well on search engines.

Step 4: Optimize

To ensure that your content is always performing at its best, Scalenut offers a range of optimization tools. You can optimize your content with NLP key terms, real-time SEO scores, refresh existing content, and competition benchmarking.

You’ll get real-time feedback on where your content stands with a dynamic SEO score, which will enable you to improve on the go, with no more revisions.

Step 5: Generate

Finally, Scalenut can help you with marketing copy. You can use the platform’s 40+ AI copywriting templates to write persuasive copy that brings conversions.

This includes product descriptions, copywriting frameworks, website copy, and email copywriting.

By following these steps, you can use Scalenut to create a comprehensive content strategy that drives traffic and conversions.

With its AI-powered tools and real-time feedback, Scalenut can help you stay ahead of the competition and create content that resonates with your audience.

SEO Assistant

Scalenut SEO Assistant

Scalenut SEO Assistant is a tool that helps you create long-form content that ranks well on search engines and engages your readers.

It is an AI-powered platform that analyzes the top-ranking content for your target keyword and provides you with actionable insights and suggestions to improve your writing.

It provides a comprehensive solution for managing your online presence with research and content writing tools.

With Scalenut SEO Assistant, you can:

  • Research your topic and find relevant information from various sources
  • Write your content with the help of an AI writer that generates high-quality and original text
  • Optimize your content for SEO with real-time feedback on readability, keyword density, headings, images, and more
  • Track your content performance and get suggestions for further improvement

Scalenut SEO Assistant is designed for bloggers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to create long-form content that drives traffic and conversions.

It is a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool that saves you time and effort by providing you with everything you need to write better content.

Whether you want to write a blog post, a landing page, a product review, or any other type of long-form content, Scalenut SEO Assistant can help you achieve your goals.

It is a tool that can help you grow your online presence and authority with content that your audience and search engines love.

Top Page Statistics

Top page statistics

A brief overview of what they feel is most important to understand how search results of your main query work.

In this table, you can get a high-level idea of how to plan your content, such as the length, typical readability scores, quality scores, and how in-depth the article should be (average number of headings).

NLP Terms for SEO

NLP terms

This document provides an overview of all the terminology and concepts we identified by applying NLP algorithms to the top 30 ranking URLs for your search term.

To ensure that your content is complete, you should use them according to their relative importance.

You can use heading presence to determine which terms should appear in your subheadings.

Competition Data

SEO competition

Here is a list of the top 30 URLs for your search query along with important parameters such as the number of images, words, and headings as well as readability scores.

Scalenut analyzes the content of all URLs and assigns a quality score (out of 10) based on the completeness of the query.

Google gives more weight to content pieces covering a given term broadly.

Related keywords

Based on your original search query, these types of themes are most common to search engines.

Questions for Content

SEO questions

Scalenut’s AI engine provides some suggestions around your search query based on the most commonly asked questions.

A good content piece is usually a great response to a frequently asked question.

Citations (Authority URLs)

Citations and URLS

The most frequently cited URLs are among the top-ranking URLs.

In your content, the quote cited URLs, especially government websites and verified sources, to boost Page Rank.

Share Report

Share report

Your research report can be shared with view-only and edit permissions.

SEO AI Writing

AI writing

You can use the AI writing assistant feature to create content fast and with the most extensive understanding of your target audience.

It shows NLP data which shows what keywords to include.

It also shows the content outline of the competitors.

You can use research data to make your content more comprehensive.

Questions list for writing can be helpful to understand what queries are being asked most about that topic.

Content grade, word count & readability is also available.

AI Writing templates are available to use with your writing process.

You have various options such as meta description, introduction paragraph, conclusion paragraph, heading to a paragraph, sentence simplifier & answer a question.

AI operators offer few more AI writing controls.

The features include Questions about the content, Topics about the content, Outline about the content, Summarize & Conclude the content.

AI connectors help you connect your content with some AI features.

You can add AI connectors at the start and end of the content.

Their list of operators includes addition, contrast, sequence, condition, result, and summary.

Finally, there is a “Write with AI” button which allows you to write your content with AI support.

This is an open-ended AI write option with no predefined controls.

AI Copywriter

Ai copy writer

It includes the list of templates AI writing features.

Blog Topics/Ideas

Instantly generate blog posts for your brand and publish them on the marketplace.

Product Descriptions

Attracting your ideal customer and increasing sales with powerful product descriptions.

Social Media Posts

Create innovative and unique social media posts across various platforms.

Copywriting that generates high conversions on Google Ad Copies.

Landing Page Hero Text

You can make your landing page more effective with these Hero Texts.

Landing Page Sub-Header Text

Landing page subheaders that can be creative and persuasive.

Facebook Headlines

The best headlines for your Facebook ads that convert.

Google Headlines

Your Google Ad “Headlines” section should contain high-converting copy.

Facebook Text Posts

A stunning, high-converting “Primary Text” for your Facebook Ad copy.

Google Descriptions

The description section of your Google Ads needs to be high-converting.

Linkedin Text Ads Headline

LinkedIn text ads “Headline” copy that is professionally written.

Linkedin Text Ads Description

Adding a professional description to your LinkedIn Text Ads.

Catchy Email Subject Lines

Creating compelling subject lines for emails to get recipients to open them.

Blog Intro

Engage readers with an exceptional blog introduction.

Managed Marketplace

Managed content market place

This is where you can order articles to outsource your content marketing needs.

The process is simple and easy.

Choose Content Type

Select a use case from over 40+ content types across writing, design, or videos categories.

Submit Brief

Easily create comprehensive briefs with predefined workflows and templates.


Each content request goes through 3 levels of editing before it comes for your review. Accept or revise with ease.

Cruise Mode AI

Cruise Mode is a writing tool that can generate a first draft of an article in under 5 minutes.

The tool uses AI to create meaningful and SEO-focused content to improve organic rankings.

The platform offers a SERP analysis feature to analyze competitors’ content and gather insights such as top customer questions, backlink data, and keyword frequency to create content briefs.

The tool also provides a real-time quality score that has a high correlation with search engine rankings.

Cruise Mode utilizes NLP Key Terms to enhance the article’s SEO and improve rankings.

Once the user inputs the blog context, title, outline, and writing points, Cruise Mode puts it all together to provide a ready-to-use first draft. The user can then modify it manually, export it to an editor, or download it.

SEO NLP Analysis

AI-powered tool that can write a first draft of a blog post in less than 5 minutes, to help overcome writer’s block.

The tool uses natural language processing and machine learning to generate content based on user input and a database of pre-existing articles.

Users can then edit and refine the generated content to make it more suitable for their specific needs and audience.

It can help bloggers and content creators save time and improve their productivity by automating the initial drafting process.

Content Optimizer

Content Optimizer is an AI-powered tool that helps improve SEO score by providing specific recommendations.

The tool analyzes content and suggests ways to optimize keyword density, meta tags, URL, and more.

It takes the guesswork out of SEO optimization and provides actionable tips to improve content.

The tool offers features such as content depth analysis and featured snippet suggestions.

Topic Cluster

Scalenut has introduced a Topic Cluster Tool that is integrated into its Content Suite.

The tool allows users to create content that is both liked by customers and Google.

Users can ideate, brief, write, edit, and receive real-time feedback on their content all within the platform.

The tool aims to make the content creation process more efficient and effective for businesses.

Traffic Analyzer

Scalenut Traffic Analyzer: A Gateway to the Dynamic World of Website Interactions!

Our revolutionary tool allows you to seamlessly integrate your Google Search Console with our Scalenut account.

With Traffic Analyzer, you gain access to invaluable insights such as Traffic, Impressions, Average Position, CTR, and much more.

Marketing Copywriter

Scalenut Marketing Copywriter

A marketing copywriter is an expert in crafting compelling and persuasive content, often referred to as “copy,” for marketing and advertising purposes.

The main objective of this tool is to influence and convince the target audience to take a specific action, such as making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, or engaging with a brand.

What Makes Scalenut’s Marketing Copywriter Worth Trying? Scalenut’s Marketing Copywriter offers users the ability to generate top-notch, AI-powered short-form content in just a matter of minutes.

This feature provides access to more than 60 robust AI templates across various copywriting categories, including the Blog Outline Creator, Paragraph Generator, and product descriptions.

Cruise Mode

Get the first draft of your blog within 5 minutes using Cruise Mode

Scalenut’s AI Cruise Mode is an incredibly powerful tool that enables you to effortlessly create a blog from start to finish in just five simple and engaging steps.

This innovative feature is a game-changer in the field of AI SEO writing, allowing you to produce captivating and original blog posts with ease.

If you’re facing any challenges in using Cruise Mode to create your blog, worry not! This article will provide you with a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to leverage this powerful tool to its fullest potential.

Tone of Voice

Tone of Voice
Tone of Voice for content creation

Scalenut has recently introduced an exciting new feature called “Tone of Voice” that is set to revolutionize content creation.

This innovative tool, known as Brand Tonality, enables users to effortlessly establish a consistent and captivating tone for their content.

By defining the desired emotions, personality, and style that align with their brand’s identity, users can now craft content that truly resonates with their target audience.

Using this tool is as simple as inputting your URL and brand content.

Our advanced AI then analyzes the input and generates a tone that helps you create engaging content.

Whether you’re looking for a friendly and conversational tone or a professional and authoritative voice, Tone of Voice empowers you to consistently communicate your brand’s unique character across various channels and touchpoints.

Scalenut Pricing

Scalenut has three pricing plans: Essential, Growth, and Pro. Each plan comes with different features and limits depending on your needs and budget. You can also try Scalenut for free for 14 days before choosing a plan.

The Essential plan costs $39 per month or $29 per month if billed annually. It includes:

  • 1 user
  • 10 SEO assistant projects
  • 10 AI writer projects
  • 10 content tracker projects
  • 50,000 words per month
  • Basic support

The Growth plan costs $79 per month or $59 per month if billed annually. It includes:

  • 3 users
  • 25 SEO assistant projects
  • 25 AI writer projects
  • 25 content tracker projects
  • 100,000 words per month
  • Priority support

The Pro plan costs $149 per month or $99 per month if billed annually. It includes:

  • 5 users
  • Unlimited SEO assistant projects
  • Unlimited AI writer projects
  • Unlimited content tracker projects
  • 200,000 words per month
  • Premium support

You can also contact Scalenut for custom pricing if you need more users, words, or features.

Scalenut is a flexible and affordable platform that can help you create better content faster and easier. You can choose the plan that suits your goals and budget and enjoy the benefits of Scalenut’s AI-powered technology.

Scalenut Free Trial

If you’re not sure which plan to choose, you can try Scalenut for free for 7 days and explore all the features of our AI tools. You can create both short copy and long-form content that rank well on search engines and attract your readers.

With the free trial, you can access:

  • SEO assistant
  • AI writer
  • Content tracker
  • And more

You don’t need to provide any credit card information to start the free trial. You can cancel anytime within the 7 days and you won’t be charged anything. If you don’t cancel, you will be automatically subscribed to the plan you selected.

If you decide to discontinue the selected plan after the free trial, you will be automatically moved to a free plan. The free plan allows you to use Scalenut with limited features and words.

The free trial is a great way to test Scalenut and see how it can help you create better content faster and easier. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So why wait? Start your free trial today and see the difference Scalenut can make for your content creation.


If you’re a writer who needs help with SEO writing, Scalenut SEO content research and AI writing assistant software might be able to help. Scalenut is a comprehensive suite of research and content writing software that helps you manage your business’s online presence.

However, you only need 1-2 good GPT3 tools so if you have good AI writing software such as Jasper, Frase, and others then you won’t need this.

I hope you liked my Scalenut review. Please comment below on your experiences with Scalenut SEO content research and AI writing assistant software.

Please share it on social media if you think it can help your friends too.

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