ReviewX Review – WooCommerce Product Customer Reviews Plugin

ReviewX is a new plugin for WordPress WooCommerce that allows sellers to collect and display customer reviews, ratings, and product scores.

It is a set-and-forget solution: as soon as you integrate the code into your eCommerce site, it will immediately start showing reviews of your products, and customers will be able to write their own reviews.

Video review/tutorial

ReviewX Review & Tutorial - Best Free WooCommerce Reviews Plugin? (With 50% Discount & LTD)

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What is ReviewX wp plugin?

ReviewX let’s you get instant customer rating and multicriteria reviews to add credibility to your WooCommerce Store and increase conversion rates.

Review form style
Submit review in form


Review title & description

Users can submit a title for the review and also share his/her review in the description.

Review form's title and description fields

Review criteria ratings

Customers can rate the product based on the criteria you set.

Cutomer ratings form for estore

Create unlimited criteria for the products.

Drag and drop to change the position.

Remove the criteria you don’t want with a click of a button.

Visual graphs & graphics for reviews

You can create amazing visual graphs and graphics from user-submitted reviews & ratings.

Visual graphs & graphics for reviews

Graph style

For customer criteria rating.

Photo review style

Change customer media attachment position settings.

Template style

Different template design for reviews.

Product rating type

For recommending the product, you can choose between star rating, thumbs-up, or happy face.

Easily toggle features you want

Features of ReviewX that are mentioned below can be easily turned on or off with a single click.

Toggle Features on Plugin

Upload photos to reviews

Customers can upload photos to their images.

Customers can upload photos to reviews

Upload or links videos to reviews

Customers can upload videos or link existing videos on YouTube or Vimeo.

Customers can upload photos to reviews

Vote reviews with “helpful” vote

Customers and visitors can vote down or vote up the review by clicking on the “Helpful” button.

Customers can upload photos to reviews

It will be a good indicator for visitors to find helpful reviews from other users.

Submit reviews anonymously

Option to submit the review without revealing customer details.

Visitors can submit their reviews anonymously

Enable reviews for specific customers

If you don’t want anyone to leave a review instead of only customers, you can check, “Reviews can only be left by “verified owners.”

You can limit customers to submit reviews by the order status
Users who don't match the order status will be not allowed to submit reviews

You can also enable reviews submission based on order status:

The status available include

  • Pending payment
  • Processing
  • On Hold
  • Completed
  • Canceled
  • Refunded
  • Failed

Pagination for review

If you have a lot of reviews for a product and don’t want to show all the reviews in one page.

You can set pagination for number of reviews to show in a single page

Then you can set the maximum number of reviews for each page.

Then it will only show that many reviews per page and other reviews will appear in the next pages that can be accessed through navigation.

Send review reminder emails to customers

You can automatically send emails to remind your customers to share a review of the items they have purchased for your store.

Send review reminder emails to customers asking them to leave a review for the products purchased

You can fully customize the email body, title, and message.

You can use unique tags within your message if you want it automatically replaced with relevant customer and order details.

  • [CUSTOMER_NAME] – Customer Name
  • [SHOP_NAME] – Our store name
  • [ORDER_ID] – Order ID
  • [ORDER_DATE] – When the products was ordered
  • [ORDER_COMPLETED] – When the order status been changed to ‘completed.’
  • [ORDER_ITEMS] – List of products of the current order
  • [MY_ORDERS_PAGE] – WooCommerce’ My-account > Orders’ page link, So it’s easy to leave a review
  • [MY_ACCOUNT] – WooCommerce ‘My-account’ page

Google rich schema snippet for ratings & reviews

Approved customer review ratings will also be shown in your google search snippet.

Show the review rating for Google rich snippets

It’s also known as a rating snippet. (Aka STARS)

Dashboard to manage reviews

In your WordPress dashboard, you will get a control panel to view and manage all the reviews.

A dashboard to view and manage customer reviews

You will able to see details such as:

  • Review title
  • Review comments
  • Reviewer Name
  • Product
  • Rating
  • Status
  • Submitted at
  • Modify review
  • And more.

Social sharing for reviews

ReviewX also includes a social sharing module.

ReviewX social share feature to boost social sharing

Visitors can share the review on Twitter and Facebook.

Allow customers to edit the submit review.

Once the review has submitted by the reviewer, and it can be modified again at a later time.

Highlight reviews to grab attention

As an administrator, you can highlight a review to grab the visitors’ attention.

Recommend review by marking it "Highlight"

Add & edit reply to reviews

The administrator can reply to customer reviews.

Recommend review by marking it "Highlight"

This way, visitors can know that store is responsive to user reviews.

Change review theme color

Change the overall review form and graphics color.

You can change theme color for the form controls

It will provide an excellent opportunity to make it match your brand color.


  • Has a FREE and PRO version
  • Very easy to get started using it
  • Dashboard to view and manage reviews
  • Alot of different graphic styles
  • Unlimited criteria for rating
  • Review supports media such as images and videos
  • Users can mark other reviews helpful
  • Google Rich Schema snippet support
  • Direct social sharing for reviews
  • Ability to edit the reviews for users
  • Highlight reviews
  • Reply to reviews
  • Change the theme color


  • It only supports product posts
  • You can’t import or export reviews
  • Only supports wooCommerce
  • Some features are only available on PRO


Using the ReviewX plugin, you can transform your simple reviews and form your wooCommerce store to interactive and amazing reviews, submit form, graphics data, and more.

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Affiliate Disclosure: You can click on any links to check it out, but if you click on the affiliate link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission but does not affect your purchase price and helps me create more content like this and keep the site running. Learn more

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