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Free SEO Keyword Research Excel Spreadsheet Template Sheet



excel keyword research template

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When it comes to designing websites, a blog post layout is one of my favorite things to tackle. But, I’ve learned from experience it can be really tricky to get just right.

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If you are looking for a free and straightforward SEO keyword research spreadsheet template download, then you are at the right place.

This Excel keyword research template sheet will work with Microsoft Excel, and Google sheets will help you track keyword research data quickly and easily.

This is the template I will be using to track keywords during my keyword research process.

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SEO Keyword Research Template Overview Video

Free SEO Keyword Research Excel Spreadsheet Template Sheet Download

Watch this video to get an explanation of the above excel keyword research template.

Download Keyword Research Template

You can download the template from here:

Download Keyword Research Template Google Sheets

In case if you prefer to download the template in Google Sheets format then you can check this link:

Keyword Research Template Explanation

It contains 4 different tabs:

Market Research

In this sheet, you answer market research (industry research) questions to generate a seed keyword list.

These questions are important to answer when doing keyword research for a particular industry.

Here you will answer some of the most important questions to get the right keyword ideas, such as:

  • What is your industry?
  • What are the pain points of your audience?
  • What are the interests & discussions in this industry?
  • What are the solutions in the market and you can offer?
  • Where does your audience go for information or spend time?
  • Where is your target audience located?
  • What is the demographic of your audience?
  • What are your competitors doing?

Find Seed Keywords

In this sheet, you will generate seed keywords using the above questions and all the mentioned data sources.

I also have listed some great sources to get a seed keyword list with an interactive checkbox.

These sources include:

  • Keyword research software
  • Forum and community
  • Social media
  • Talking with your customers
  • News sites
  • Shopping platforms
  • Niche blogs
  • Your competitors
  • Local media
  • Experts knowledge
  • Search engine results
  • Wikipedia
  • Advertisements
  • Questions and answers community

So the idea is to get seed keywords related to your topic, audience, and industry.

You will have all the keyword ideas on one sheet; this is very useful for keyword research or making a PPC campaign.

Here is video showing how I am using the template to generate keyword topic ideas.

Brainstorming SEO Keywords - Market Research to Find Keyword Ideas in 2023

Generate Keyword List

Once you have seed keywords, you can generate a list of keywords with the help of keyword research software.

There are many keyword research software in the market that will help you find the most relevant keywords for your campaign.

In this sheet, you will list all the keywords you have generated, the search volume, and the type of the keyword.

Keyword Grouping & Prioritizing

This is a critical step because you can get hundreds of keywords related to your topic, audience, and industry.

However, if you do not group them correctly, finding the best keywords for your campaign may be very difficult.

So grouping is essential; you can group by keyword difficulty, organic search volume, revenue, or any search validation factor.

I kept the sheet simple to verify flexible for you to use with ease.

You can use color-coding to group keywords to prioritize them.


In conclusion, the idea is to find the best keywords for your campaign, and you can use this sheet as a saving tool.

It is a simple keyword research sheet that will help you generate seed keywords and prioritize them for SEO keyword research template.

I hope you’ll find this helpful!

As a digital education expert, Alston Antony is based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India and specializes in entrepreneurship, SEO, SaaS, and Artificial Intelligence. In the constantly evolving business and technology sectors, his commitment to empowering individuals with essential digital skills demonstrates his commitment to success. In today's competitive digital industry, Alston's focus is comprehensive learning that helps emerging entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed.

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  1. Hello. I need a detailed keyword research for site. An Excel file that can automatically select keywords for blogs or categories. Thanks
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    • You can download keyword file from this blog post.


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