Jarvis Boss Mode – My 22 Tips in Long-Form Editor For Best AI Content Writing (Conversion.ai)

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Jarvis AI Boss mode is your virtual AI assistant that will help you with your content creation.

You need to tell it what to write about, and Jarvis will take care of the rest.

Easy right?

However, you need to understand how to use it.

So here are my 22 tips on how to get the most out of Jarvis boss mode so that you can create better AI content writing:

My experience so far

These tips are based on my own experience with Jarvis.

I use these to create my content.

I am previously a user of Shortly.ai AI writer for months.

Where now, Jarvis has acquired Shortly.ai and made it more powerful.

All the commands which work with other AI writer work on Jarvis too.

So I am creating this to help other people too.

Treat it as a personal assistant

Think of Jarvis as a personal assistant.

A personal assistant that knows a lot of industry lingo and can deliver content for you.

You can give it a topic, and it’ll churn out content for you in just 3 seconds.

You can ask a question, and it’ll find the best answer for you.

You can tell a story, and Jarvis will write it out as an article.

You can ask it as you would talk to a person, and it will create content for you.

Remember, it takes some time to do this properly.

Create titles or generate article ideas

You can use it to write titles for you or generate new article ideas.

This will make a list of [x number] titles based on your input keywords (e.g., “10 Ideas for Headlines”).

Or it’ll give you 10 articles ideas based on an input title or keyword (e.g., “How to Use Content Marketing to Get Your Business Noticed)

Understanding the context (character lookback)

Jarvis can understand the context (character lookback) in a sentence.

It will take 2000 words in the text as context.

This means you can ask Jarvis and will understand the context, even in long-form writing.

This will bring more in-depth and meaningful content.

Create content brief or description

Content brief means a brief of the content.

In other words, a short description to say what you want to write about.
Jarvis needs this when it starts writing for you.

This will ensure that it writes up a coherent article based on a topic you want to write about.

You can use the Command: “Write me a content brief on [your title].”

Keywords to use in boss mode

Keywords definition in SEO means a word or phrase that people generally use in the Google search engine.

In other words, words and phrases are used to get more traffic from a search engine than another.

When you write a post with your keyword phrase, it will help you rank higher on Google for that particular keyword phrase.

These keywords will help you when writing titles for your articles.

So in Jarvis’s “boss mode,” you can provide your target keywords.

This will make sure your article is more relevant and will bring more traffic.

Understanding output length

Jarvis boss mode can write articles for you at any length.

You can control the article length by providing an output type such as “S,” “M,” & “L.”

Small stands for smaller context with little output.

Medium stands for medium context with medium output.

Large stands for large context with large output.

The article length will depend on your use case.

What is the use of the “Compose” button?

The compose button will take text before the cursor and generate content.

This will be one of the most used commands for Jarvis users.

In most cases, this will be the first thing you’ll do when writing an article.

After typing a sentence or two into your document editor and starting to get into creative flow, it is common to quickly forget what text was before the cursor-but not with Jarvis!

What is the use of the refresh/undo button?

This button is used to regenerate content.

So if you find the content is not what you expected, you can refresh it to get a new one.

Since output content is generated is not always relevant or coherent, so you can use this button to get more relevant content.

Write an introduction for your article

You can ask Jarvis to introduce your article with a story, question, or description.

Jarvis will generate content in the form of an introduction that you desire.

Jarvis will save a lot of time when it introduces an article for you.

It will also help your readers understand the importance and context of the topic at hand in more detail.

Jarvis’s introduction snippet is: Write an introduction on [Context]

How to write PAS (Pain, Agitate & Solve)

PAS (Pain, Agitate & Solve) is a method for writing engaging content.
It starts with addressing the pain that customers have in an easy-to-understand way.

Then you should agitate your customer’s interest by mentioning what they stand to gain if they use your product or service.

Last but not least; is solving their problem so that it leaves them inspired and desiring more of what you have to offer-this will motivate them into action!

Jarvis can write PAS for you like this: Write a PAS on [your topic]

Write output content about [Your pain] and its related(s), then make [Agitation], finally solve [Solve]

This will make the content more engaging and interesting.

How to write AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire & Action)

AIDA is a model focusing on marketing communications.

It is often used when introducing products or services and is most effective with the targeted audience.

The AIDA model focuses on four key steps to selling any product or service effectively.

Attention: You start by capturing your target audience’s attention through unique selling propositions (USPs) that differentiate your offer from competitors’.

Interest: Once you’ve drawn the customer’s attention, you must now convince them to take an interest in your offer and the benefits you provide. This will require relevant seller information, which should be conveyed clearly and concisely, as well as a clear call to action (CTA).

Desire: After creating interest in your product/service offering, it’s time to move the customer from taking an interest to a desire to learn more about your product or service. This can be achieved by providing more information through a sales page, including testimonials and case studies that provide proof of what your product/service has accomplished for others, as well as detailing the benefits they’d receive from using it themselves.

Action: Finally, you need to guide your visitors towards taking action on whatever call-to-action (CTA) you’ve given them throughout the previous 3 steps. You’ll want your CTA placement to be repetitive and noticeable across all pages within your lead generation campaign so that you’ll effectively capture any leads who are interested in taking further action. The last step is goal completion, where the conversion – or completion of the goal – occurs.

Again, Jarvis can write an article following this pattern for you: Write an AIDA on [your topic]

Write output content about [Attention], then make [Interest], then describe its related(s), also make [Desire], then tell how to do [Action].

This will make the content more engaging and interesting.

Create outline, subtopics, and subsections

Jarvis is an expert at generating an outline.

Outline means that you can divide a big task into smaller ones.

Jarvis will break down your topic into sub-topics and sub-sections with an outline.

That makes it easy for you to write an article, summarize or make a speech about the whole thing.

You can ask Jarvis to generate an outline in the following ways: Generate outline on [your topic] Generate output content about [Outline].

Jarvis Boss Mode free-flow feature

Jarvis is a long-form writer who can write anything from 500 words to 40000 words.

When you click the “Compose” button, it will start writing.

When you click the “Compose” button again, it will pick up where it left off so that you don’t lose anything.

Writing in this way is called the free flow feature, and many people prefer to use Jarvis for long-form content creation because of its easy operation and convenience.

Jarvis to complete your thought

Sometimes you are not able to finish a sentence in one go.

If that happens, click the “Compose” button again and continue writing.

Jarvis will store your unfinished sentences for you.

We call this completing your thought since it helps you complete sentences and finish a thought.

When writing is done, it will tell you how much of the sentence has been completed by percentage.

This will also help to stay in context.

Jarvis to create questions

Questions important for blog posts because those are the reader’s pain points.

Questions also help you with SERP ranking because Google gives more weight to answer style questions.

Jarvis can also generate questions for you.

This is a great way to drive attention and traffic to your content, make it interesting and engaging.

  • Here are the sample questions:
  • If [Attention], then what or why?
  • What are the advantages of [your topic]?
  • In what cases does [your topic] work well?
  • Is there a disadvantage of [your topic]?
  • How much does [your topic] cost per month/year etc.?
  • What do users think about this service(product)?
  • What would happen if we did not have this service(product)?
  • Who can use this service (product)?
  • Who should use this service (product)?
  • Why should you do [Desire]?
  • How to get [Benefit] from using [your topic].

Jarvis to answers questions

Jarvis can also answer the questions.

So any questions you have created will be answered automatically.

Jarvis answers all questions within a sentence, so there is no need to make it more detailed.

You can ask Jarvis to answer the question as:

Answer [context]

Make Jarvis explain something to you

To make your content more engaging, the reader needs a solid explanation with examples and details.

Jarvis is an expert at explaining things in different ways following a specific pattern.

If you ask Jarvis to explain something in a specific way, it will do that for you.

Here is a couple of sample sentence:

  • Explain [how to] to [attention]
  • how to use it with [method].

Jarvis to write pros/advantages

Pros and Advantages are important to highlight in content.

Jarvis can help you with that too.

You can ask Jarvis to generate Pros/Advantages with a specific pattern.
Jarvis will use the same format to do that for you.

  • Here is a sample sentence:
  • What are the pros of [your topic]?
  • What are the advantages of [your topic]?
  • Let’s see some benefits of [your topic].
  • Why [Benefit]? Why not…?
  • What can work well because of [Outcome]? or Why it works so well in this case?”

Jarvis to write cons/disadvantages/risks

Jarvis can also generate cons/disadvantages/risks with a specific pattern.
These are great for highlighting negative things too.

  • Here are sample sentences:
  • What are the cons [context]?
  • What are the disadvantages [context]?
  • What are the risks of [context]
  • What are the problems with [your topic]

Jarvis to convert paragraph to list

We write paragraphs for several reasons, but one of the most common is to list out points.

Even if you are not listing out points, Jarvis can still convert your paragraph into a list.

This will make your content look more professional and attractive. Here is a sample sentence:

Jarvis will convert your paragraph into a list and let you an option to choose between a bulleted or numbered list.

Note that converting a paragraph into a list will not break the sentence.

This list will be meaningful and on point.

Jarvis to write a conclusion

The conclusion is where you sum up your information and let the reader know what to do next.

Jarvis can help you with that as well. It will conclude you automatically.

Jarvis can create a conclusion for you.

This is a great way to finish your post, give a perfect ending to the reader by showing a summary of what you have written engagingly and interactively.

Final tips on Jarvis AI Boss Mode

So these are some tips that you can use to improve your content quality and make it more engaging.

You can take full advantage of Jarvis AI Boss Mode feature by following the steps mentioned above.

Jarvis is very smart in writing, creating content, and generating ideas using the AI content writing service.

Hope this article helps you to write better content without stress or hassle.

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