ITG.Digital Review – Pro Online Illustrations Builder

Update: This SaaS is cancelled and below is the official announcement from them.

The service is no longer available.

Video review/tutorial

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What is ITG.Digital app?

ITG Digital app is an illustration builder where you can create customized illustrations by mixing the elements and choosing the colors you want.

ITG builder allows you to quickly build and customize 100+ predefined illustrations according to your needs.

Where then you can export that in JPEG, PNG & SVG.

Where you can use it?

  • For mobile application and software
  • For social, promotion and marketing graphics
  • For website design
  • For presentations and documents
  • For stickers and posters
  • For print and local designs


What’s allowed

  • Use Licensed Materials for website, web app, mobile app, blog, presentation, including for Your commercial projects with Your clients and their projects;
  • Use Licensed Material for printed media (provided the Licensee is not sub-licensing or allowing redistribution or resale of Licensed Materials);
  • Use of Licensed Material for the purpose of creating a logo, trademark or any other kind of visual representation (providing that the licensee is not officially register it with a patent office);
  • Use for social media post or profile image;
  • Use for set the decorative background on a personal computer or mobile device;
  • Online or electronic publications, including web pages, blogs, ebooks and videos;

What’s not allowed

  • Sublicense, distribute, sell, assign, convey, or otherwise transfer this license nor any of the Licensee’s rights, duties, or legal responsibilities under this Agreement
  • Use Content and Licensed Materials in any manner that infringes upon any third-party copyrights, trade names, trademarks or service marks;
  • Attempt to decompile or reverse engineer any software contained on the ITG Builder;
  • Transfer the User Account details to someone else.

Above are the essential factors you need to be aware based on my opinion and in order to check their full licensing policy visit


  • 100+ combination of illustrations
  • Multiple editable styles of illustrations
  • Over 694 plus upvotes in ProductHunt
  • You can export the illustration in JPEG, PNG & SVG
  • Incredible easy to use interface
  • Save your customized illustrations


  • Support is non-responsive for me on both affiliate and customer queries
  • Only 100 exports a month for PNG & SVG. (JPEG Unlimited)
  • Same design exported multiple times counted as multiple credits
  • You can’t combine elements from various designs set


I recommend it because I am personally using it with my internet marketing blogs, including ClickTUG.

You can see the vectors I exported from this app if you go to the homepage and other main pages.

The dashboard is also simple and amazing, and even though there are 100 exports a month limit so far, I never reached that, and you can always save for future use in your storage, thereby not wasting your limit.

I have already got my return on investment within the first month of use.

This is an excellent addition for anyone who is looking to customize and build illustrations without any designing skills.

Check it out

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