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What is Group Leads?

Group Leads is a browser extension that helps you collect leads and automate your Facebook groups’ management.

This extension will work on Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox.

This browser add-on comes in English & Mandarin.

Why use Group Leads to manage FB groups?

We all know that Facebook Groups are a great way to monetize and make money for your business.

As a FB group admin, you can set Facebook group questions used to screen new member requests.

When used this section wisely, you can collect a lot of valuable data.

For example, see my Facebook group questions sample, which I use for “Alston’s Digital Group.

Some of the data ideas on how you can use these screening questions:

  • Direct feedback about your business
  • Collect leads data including name, email, location, workplace & more.
  • Ask whether member agrees to the rules
  • To qualify members who fit specific criteria
  • and more.

You can do all the above for free within the Facebook platform.

You might ask, then why do we need a Group Leads extension?

The main reason is Facebook allows this option to exist within FB groups, but it does not allow us to save data.

So as soon as you either click “Approve” or “Decline” in the “Member requests,” the answers and data of users submitted are LOST FOREVER.

This why an extension like Group Leads is useful.

It saves the data to Google spreadsheets, sends it to your favorite autoresponders, and store it in the Group Leads app dashboard.

However, that’s not all.

It also provides you more advanced functionalities to automate your group management functions. Such as:

  • Automatic group member approval based on the conditions you set.
  • Automatically send a welcome message to new group members.
  • Auto decline member requests based on the conditions you set.
  • Automatically send messages to members who get declined.
  • Automatically tag all the new members to a welcome post.


In this section, I have shared all the features I found for Group Leads.

I wanted to keep this review easy to read.

I have given basic instructions on how to use each of these features.

However, I have demonstrated everything mentioned here within my Group Leads review video with jump-points.


A dedicated web SaaS app where you can view, check stats, manage, and download your lead data.

Group Leads web app's dashboard

Download leads from FB group

It allows you to download lead data from your Facebook member approval questions.

You can download email, member name, location, workplace, and other lead details to Google Sheet, Group Leads Dashboard & Send it an autoresponder.

Shows the 3 ways to download leads from Group Leads

How to download leads using Group Leads?

  1. Automatically saves the data to web app.
  2. Automatically saves the data to Google Sheets.
  3. Automatically saves the leads with email to Autoresponders.

Extract & save answers from Facebook group

As I told you above, as soon you click “Approve” or “Decline,” all data provided by the member is lost, but with Group leads, it can be saved at 3 places.

So no more worrying about how do we look up group membership question answers on FB.

Send email leads to email marketing software

Have you ever wondered, “what is the best to collect email in FB groups”?

Group Leads automatically detects the email address from group questions and send it to your email marketing.

Group Leads is the solution for you.

It currently supports: (Integration data as of 19th 7 2020)

  • Active Campaign
  • Mailerlite
  • Getresponse
  • Sendy
  • Mailchimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Market Hero
  • Sendlane
  • Mailingboss
  • Kartra
  • Sendgrid
  • Klaviyo
  • Drip
  • Moosend
  • Gist
  • Convertkit
  • Sendfox
  • Kajabi
  • Sendinblue
  • Benchmark
  • Influencersoft
  • Hubspot
  • Simplero
  • Automizy

Send lead data to Google sheets

You can save all the lead data and answers for membership approval the questions to Google Sheets.

Shows the list of leads which are saved to Google Sheet while I was testing

Download lead data & emails in CSV, XLSX & PDF

You can download CSV from the Group Leads web app.

Export facebook group leads to CSV

Since it has GSheet integration, you can export the extracted email addresses from Facebook groups for free in formats such as CSV, XLSX & PDF too.

How to extract facebook group leads to xlsx, ods, html, tsv & pdf

Scrape advanced lead details

Group Leads also allow you to scrape more data on your Facebook Group members such as:

  • Member full name
  • The group joined date and time
  • Location
  • Place of Work
  • Unique profile ID
All the data which are saved from Facebook groups

Automatic approval of group members with conditions

This great functionality if you receive a lot of members’ requests or want to automize the approval process.

Group Leads extension allows you to set up conditions, and when it’s met, it will automatically approve the members.

You can also set after how many minutes from receiving the membership request to auto-approve.

Conditions which you can set for auto-approval include:

  • Are all three questions are answered
  • Email address is entered in one of three questions
  • When the member has joined Facebook.
  • How many of his/her friends who are already in the group
  • Where the member is located or lives in
  • Number of mutual friends he has with Administrator
  • Number of groups in common with the Administrator

How to setup auto approve settings for member requests

How to auto approve member requests using Group Leads
  1. Enable automatic approval
  2. Set time interval to approve members
  3. Select if you want to approve member if all questions are answered
  4. Only approve if email is entered in one of the field
  5. Based on how old the Facebook member profile
  6. Based on how many mutual friends with Admin
  7. Based on how many common groups with the Admin 

Automatically send message to new Facebook group members

Are you wondering how to send messages to group members when they join the group?

With Group Leads, you can set up a personalized message automatically on member approval.

It also provides you with time control to not abuse the Facebook platform and simulate human behavior.

It also has an option to randomize the welcome messages to greet new members with different messages you set up.

You can also use tags such as “[first_name]”, “[last_name]”, “[group_name]” & “[group_url]” to personalize the message for user you are sending it.

How to automatically send message to new FB group members

How to automatically send welcome messages to FB group
  1. Setup time interval when sending messages
  2. Create multiple messages to send (If created then it’s selected randomly)
  3. Write your message with dynamic tags

Automatically decline member requests according to conditions

Group Leads not only allow you to approve members automatically who meet your condition.

However, it also allows you to decline members if based on the answers.

They have provided negative keywords field to enter any words you decide.

If a member uses a word specified here, then the member join request will be declined.

How to automatically decline member requests

Auto decline FB group members based on keywords
  1. Click the gear icon to setup
  2. Type the negative keywords you want to monitor & block
  3. Enter the time interval

Automatically send messages to declined member requests

Two of the common reason you might need to use this is:

  • The member hasn’t provided answers to your questions.
  • The member doesn’t qualify for the group based on the answers.

You can also control the time to send a message to stay safe and simulate human behavior.

You can also randomize the messages to send, include dynamic fields inside the message such first name, last name, group name, and group URL.

How to setup automatic messages to declined member requests

Auto send decline messages to FB group members
  1. Set time interval for decline messages
  2. Create multiple random messages
  3. Personalize messages with dynamic tags

Automatically tag new members in a welcome post in FB group

If you are thinking about how to tag all Facebook group members in comments, this feature is suitable.

When this feature is enabled, and a member is approved.

The approved member will be automatically tagged on the welcome post you setup.

You can also tag custom approve all in a single comment.

You can also randomize comments to keep it interesting.

How to setup auto tagging in Facebook group welcome post

Tag all new members automatically in a FB group welcome post
  1. Set welcome post in FB Group URL
  2. Select this if you want to tag all the members in a single comment
  3. Select if you want create multiple comment variations
  4. Type the comment you want use

Automation report with statistics

The Group Leads extension also provide details report on automation reports including last run and more info.

Group Leads's automation report screen tab
  1. Select “Report” tab
  2. It will show the last automation status
  3. It will show the next automation status

Groupleads pros & cons


  • It’s the most feature-rich Facebook group management software I have used. (I am basing this comparison based on my GroupBoss)
  • Very stable, and it was straightforward to use it. (I base this on the fact I been testing this for last 30 days)
  • It integrates with over 26+ auto email responders
  • Save leads and FB group member’s answers in Google Sheets, Group Leads Dashboard & Auto Responders
  • Allows automation on member approval, members decline, welcome message, decline message, etc
  • Custom messages sent by Group Leads can be randomized and dynamically customized
  • Their plugin chrome web store has over 2000 users and no negative reviews (as of 19th 7 2020)
  • They have great support Facebook group where the community and founder are very active
  • No other software such as Zapier or Pabbly Connect is required for integrations
  • Group Leads has a 7-day free trial to test it out before paying


  • You need to be an administrator of a group to use this add-on
  • This add-on will not work in Phones & Tablets
  • The browser add-on is only officially supported in Chrome & Firefox
  • The lead details quality is based on the user inputs


There are 3 different pricing plans for Group Leads, such as monthly, yearly, and lifetime deal.

They also provide a 7-day free trial.

I have managed to get an additional 10% recurring Group Leads discount coupon for you.

Use the code “alston” to get an additional 10% recurring discount.

Support & help

You can check Group Leads online documentation at

If you are still facing any troubles or need additional help, the founder is willing to offer support through the Free Zoom call.


After using Group Leads for a whole month, I can confidently say that this a useful browser extension.

It is suitable for Facebook lead generation or gathering personalized feedback from your target audience.

It is suitable for Facebook lead generation or gathering personalized feedback from your target audience.

Use the code “alston” to get an additional 10% recurring discount.

Affiliate Disclosure: You can click on any links to check it out, but if you click on the affiliate link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission but does not affect your purchase price and helps me create more content like this and keep the site running. Learn more


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