How to Create ChatGPT GPTs (GPT Tutorial)

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What is Custom GPTs?

Hi, I’m Alston. Today, I’m excited to introduce Custom GPTs by OpenAI, a groundbreaking feature for ChatGPT Plus members.

OpenAI has introduced a game-changing feature for its ChatGPT Plus members – the ability to create Custom GPTs. This innovative tool allows users to craft their version of ChatGPT, combining specific instructions, extra knowledge, and a unique blend of skills.

Custom GPTs allow users to blend instructions, additional knowledge, and skills to create personalized versions of ChatGPT. OpenAI’s announcement about Custom GPTs is a significant leap in AI, offering immense creative freedom and customizability.

Creating Your Own Custom GPT

Creating a custom GPT is a straightforward process, accessible to Plus members of ChatGPT.

Custom GPTs are a testament to the flexibility and user-centric approach of OpenAI.

The process involves simple, natural language dialogues with GPT Builder, a bot designed to assist in the creation of Custom GPTs.

This intuitive approach makes it accessible for both developers and non-developers to craft a GPT for specific purposes with unique input instructions and datasets, these models adapt to serve specific user needs effectively.

The Process Simplified:

  1. Choose a name for your Custom GPT, such as “SEO Content Outline Creator.”
  2. Give specific instructions or goals for your Custom GPT, like creating SEO-friendly blog outlines.
  3. Define the role, guidelines, and constraints for your GPT.
  4. Customize communication style – choose between formal or conversational tones.
  5. Preview and refine the behavior of your Custom GPT based on your instructions.
  6. Uploading additional datasets, and fine-tuning response styles and tones.

How Created Custom GPTs Will be Available

Custom GPTs can be kept private for personal use, shared with select members or teams, or listed publicly in the upcoming GPT Store.

How to Earn Money with Custom GPTs with Revenue Sharing

OpenAI plans to launch a GPT Store, where creators can share their Custom GPTs and potentially earn revenue through a sharing program. This initiative not only incentivizes creativity but also fosters a community-driven approach to AI development.

This flexibility caters to a wide range of uses, from individual projects to commercial applications.

Testing Created Custom GPT

Testing your Custom GPT is crucial. For instance, I created a GPT specifically for crafting Black Friday-focused meta titles and descriptions. Upon testing, it effectively followed my set rules and datasets, showcasing its ability to generate relevant and structured outputs.

A Practical Example

The tutorial demonstrates creating a custom model designed for generating SEO outlines for Black Friday marketing strategies. By providing specific instructions and datasets, the model is fine-tuned to produce highly relevant and structured content.

I tasked my Custom GPT with creating an SEO outline for a blog post on Black Friday marketing strategies. The GPT successfully generated a comprehensive, SEO-focused outline, including keyword incorporation, logical content structure, and engaging subheadings.

You can checked finished “SEO Outline” Blog Post GPT:


Custom GPTs by OpenAI mark a new era in personalized AI, offering unparalleled flexibility and creative control.

They offer unprecedented flexibility and creative freedom, allowing users to mold AI to their specific needs.

Whether you’re an individual exploring AI or a business seeking tailored solutions, Custom GPTs open up a world of possibilities.

Stay tuned for more updates, especially regarding the GPT Store and its potential for revenue generation.

If you’ve ventured into creating your custom GPT, share your experiences in the comments.

Let’s explore the endless possibilities of this exciting new feature together.

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