Free advanced SEO training course

The course will be divided into logical mini-courses in the right order.

SEO Basics Course

Keyword Research Course


  • SEO Basics Course
  • Full Keyword Research & Validation Course
  • Complete Guide to Set up an SEO Optimized Website
  • How to Write Content for SEO
  • Link Building SEO Course
  • Plan & Track Your SEO

These will be the starting point where you will gain in-depth knowledge of SEO education & how to use tools.

After I finished with these, I will move into all the different SEO types, such as local SEO, eCommerce SEO, video SEO, mobile SEO, and 15 more types.

Most of the content will overlap with the main contents above so I can use existing and modify some aspects for this to match that type of SEO.

General SEO guides

SEO tools training

How to join the course?

The course will be started this month and all the content will be free. The chapters will posted as blog posts and videos and updated in this page.

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