Blogely Review – Content Creation and Management

Video Review/Tutorial

What is Blogely?

It’s a is an software that helps you create, organize, plan, SEO optimize, improve, promote, and sell your content or use it to increase your website traffic.

It’s a writing application, research docs, SEO optimization, content calendar, plagiarism reports, WordPress sync & content portfolios.

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  • Onpage SEO Optimization
  • Target Primary & Secondary Keywords For Each Article
  • Auto integration with RankMatch & Yoast
  • Content Sheduling Callender
  • Auto Publishing to WordPress
  • Image Optimization & Resizing
  • Auto Table of Contents in BackEnd & Published Article
  • Article Versions & Backups
  • Sell Your Articles
  • Create a Mini LMS Platform
  • Upload and Embed Images, Videos, PDF, Word, Excel, Slides (Hosted on AWS)
  • Writer Portfolio Pages with Plagrism Checker
  • Grammarly, Plagrism Integrated
  • DataForSEO Api
  • Full Wiswig editor
  • Create Research Documents (Scrape Top 100 Results Title, Description and Their Whole Body with Multimedia!, Auto Identify Questions, Scrape Statstics, Keyword Research)
  • Add Notes Through App or Browser Extension (This is very powerful with auto capture feature)
  • Manage Libray of Files for Each Article
  • Collobartion with Users
  • Feedback Gathering and Control
  • Option to Sell, Sale, Public and Donation
  • Create Freelancer Writer Bio Page
  • Show Writer Portfolio and Profile on Custom Domain with CName
  • AI Pharphrasing for Text
  • Connect Stripe and Sell (Payout Fee is 10%)
  • Fully Sync Articles With Your WordPress (You Don’t Need to Login to Pulish/Edit/Delete)
  • Add Internal Links
  • and Lot more

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