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What is Blogely?

It’s a is an software that helps you create, organize, plan, SEO optimize, improve, promote, and sell your content or use it to increase your website traffic.

It’s a writing application, research docs, SEO optimization, content calendar, plagiarism reports, WordPress sync & content portfolios.

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  • Onpage SEO Optimization
  • Target Primary & Secondary Keywords For Each Article
  • Auto integration with RankMatch & Yoast
  • Content Sheduling Callender
  • Auto Publishing to WordPress
  • Image Optimization & Resizing
  • Auto Table of Contents in BackEnd & Published Article
  • Article Versions & Backups
  • Sell Your Articles
  • Create a Mini LMS Platform
  • Upload and Embed Images, Videos, PDF, Word, Excel, Slides (Hosted on AWS)
  • Writer Portfolio Pages with Plagrism Checker
  • Grammarly, Plagrism Integrated
  • DataForSEO Api
  • Full Wiswig editor
  • Create Research Documents (Scrape Top 100 Results Title, Description and Their Whole Body with Multimedia!, Auto Identify Questions, Scrape Statstics, Keyword Research)
  • Add Notes Through App or Browser Extension (This is very powerful with auto capture feature)
  • Manage Libray of Files for Each Article
  • Collobartion with Users
  • Feedback Gathering and Control
  • Option to Sell, Sale, Public and Donation
  • Create Freelancer Writer Bio Page
  • Show Writer Portfolio and Profile on Custom Domain with CName
  • AI Pharphrasing for Text
  • Connect Stripe and Sell (Payout Fee is 10%)
  • Fully Sync Articles With Your WordPress (You Don’t Need to Login to Pulish/Edit/Delete)
  • Add Internal Links
  • and Lot more

Community Feedbacks

The are discussions from our community members regarding this deal and you can view the discussion at

First Experience

Had it and refunded. It has so many bugs, e.g. things not saving. I lost a whole afternoon’s worth of work because you can only remain in-window for 12 hours. The save button STOPS working if you leave that window open for 12 h. So, if you save every hour for 12 h, after that time, you cannot save. You must refresh the page.

Literally no other tool/site I’ve ever encountered requires you to save within 12 hour and then refresh the page so you get another 12 h, or risk losing your work.

When I asked about it, I was blamed for now “knowing” about this. And then this obvious fault/bug was reframed as an “intended feature”.

1) Things should auto save. Every webapp I’ve ever used doesn’t even have a save button
2) if it does have a save button, pressing save should SAVE. 100% of the time every time. The fact users are blamed for not knowing this and an obvious flaw is framed as a feature (ie. remembering to refresh every 12 h so that the save button actually works) totally put me off.
Also, the content market is useless. Admirable …I guess. There was literally no one there.
Other weird things like literally every site transforms your mouse arrow into a hand when you hover over a clickable element. In Blogely, your mouse is a hand 100% of the time. Very hard to figure out things. Again, when asked, it was framed as a featured and I was blamed.
Then other functional things: He used to allow exports. If you write content you should be able to export it, but he switched it mid deal so now exports count as “publishing”. With one code, you only get 8 publishes a month. Your only option:

1) write entire blog post in ONE block section. which defeats the purpose of why blogely would be useful (i.e writing content across multiple blocks). Then, easiliy copy paste it out. Defeats purpose of writing in blogely.

2) go into each block and copy paste your written text into a doc file, which again defeats the purpose of writing IN blogely as an end-to-end writing platform.

3) stay limited to 8 exports/publish a month

So the writing platform part sucks. You either are faced with limited function or limited publishing. Then what about the seo research and checking?

The SEO research:
Very deceptive. It claims it searches 100 top results. Wrong. It LISTS top 100 results but only the top 10 are broken down into header blocks for you to analyze and extract from. Very deceptive on their pat.

No Keyword or actual SEO metric research.

The SEO checking:
Bad. Unlike Frase, Marketmuse, SurferSEO, SEMrush writing assistant, INK, or even Labrika’s pretty bad LSI topic keyword research, ALL blogely does is do ‘best practices’. Its recommmendations are 100% NOT BASED ON COMPETITORS. All it is is a checklist of things like “used main keyword in H1” “used main keyword in H2” “< 3% keyword density”.
All in all, it is MAYBE good if you have literally ZERO other SEO tools, can’t keep track of basic SEO principles like keyword density, and are using like a Ipad + keyboard with no ability to have multiple tabs open.

Founder Reply

Thanks for your feedback even though it does look like far from glorious. I would say even repugnant.

I remember your case. As I explained to you that you had auth token expired.

I think it was over two months ago and since that time we’ve processed a lot of fixes and improvements.

FYI, token is 30 days now by default.

Anyway, I see that it is no use to carry on that kind of conversation.

You are entitled to keep your opinion.

I am not going to defend myself and my app.

It is up to other people. I am doing my best and pour in everything I’ve got into my app. Of course, it sucks to hear that kind of review, but I can take it. From your full-pledged review here (thank you for taking your time) you are being “framed” and “blamed” a lot.

Appears like the real reason you want to use the app publishing unlimited export and it was taken away from you. I understand.

I will make sure to learn the lessons you teach, but still want to follow my path.

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