Best Practices in SEO 2021: Evergreen Search Engine Optimization Principles & Tips

Best practices in SEO 2021: Evergreen Search Engine Optimization principles & tips is a must watch for anyone who wants to stay on top of the game.

The video will cover everything from keyword research, content marketing to linkbuilding!

The course is 100% free and focused on providing tips and tricks which can be used right now to get better results in search engines.

Keyword Research

  • Basically, it’s the blueprint stage
  • Picking wrong keywords can lead to domino effect
  • Understand the market before keywords (Eg: Restaurant)
  • Search intent over search quantity
  • Competition (short-term, growing, search updates, not exact data)
  • Don’t ignore no search or low search keywords
  • Also don’t ignore high competition keywords
  • Don’t ignore secondary search engines
  • Include localization in keywords

Content Marketing

  • Content is the centrepiece for SEO
  • It’s no longer couple of keywords but 100s or 1000s
  • Content is not just one-time job (user and seo)
  • Don’t focus too much on percentage or count
  • Make yourself remeberable or unique (Not for bad stuff!)
  • Skyscraper vs laser focused
  • Make the content look and feel good on all devices
  • Schema is the present and future
  • Social signals is your ally

Link Building

  • Don’t be a spammer there another person like you on the other end
  • Don’t focus one time but make it recurring opportunity
  • Connections open other opportunities (Eg: Doing a event or recommendation)
  • DA, PA, backlinks count are secondary to relevancy
  • Understand relevancy levels to prioritise
  • Interlink and create network profile (Topical relevance)
  • Be natural on velocity & remember quality wins quantity

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